(Day 3) i'm still not use to this./ (Night 2) 6h class gathering

(Day 3) I'm still not use to it.

it's day 3 alr.
15 more days to go.
a test of patience, loyalty & faithfulness.

(Night 2) 6h'04 Class Gathering!

after avoiding & skipping the 6h-04 gatherings for 3 years.
i've finally decided to turn up for one of the gatherings.

reason #1: curious to see how everyone looked like now.
reason #2: promised yuhan i would go.
reason #3: had to update my information column on NYPS.
reason #4: decided it was time to face the past. (sth that i've been trying to avoid all these times)

everyone met up at yuhan's house.

i realised that except for yuhan whom i've seen tons of times in school.
i could barely recognise the rest.
almost everyone had change in either this way or that.
lets see the changes that i've noticed on everyone.

yuhan - as mentioned! i cant really tell the diff. sorry!
yuxi - definitely prettier & feminine.
tammy - as chio as ever!
jessica - still that matured in her looks & actions.
weining - the same person i once knew.
claire - i could barely recognise that was her till i looked carefully.
jasmine - i could not believe that was jasmine!
yawen - one word. pretty pretty pretty!
renjean - her English is very.. slang now.
haidee - gosh! she has grown so tall!
raymond - no offence. but.. where was that chatty & talkative raymond i once knew?!
aaron - joker of the day!
leon - professional bowler?! i didnt know that part of him. ( i dont even think i knew much about everyone in 6h. )
nicholas - OMG. his voice is so damn deep now. could not believe it at all.
dominic - he's so tanned! could not recognise him at all.
teohong - no offence. but i thought he'd be taller. the height was a sad case. but his basketball skills are as superb as ever!
kenny - as cute as ever! but a complete crapper. ( and he has very lousy memory! )
ryan cher - very silent.

well. we went over to Jack's place at BPP for dinner.

(look at how tall Leon is! blocked my view as i was taking the photo!)

i sat with the guys at Jack's place.

they entertained me quite alot with all their nonsense & crapping.
i realised that most of the guys hated eating onions.
nicholas ordered the Jack's place seafood spaghetti.
and there was tons of onion in it.
he spend alot of time picking out the onions from his spaghetti.
while kenny was picking out the onions from his pizza slices.
honestly. i never knew that onions were so terrible!
but i must agree with them that garlics and gingers suck!
hate garlics and gingers through & through.
after all that eating.
we went over to yuhan's place again
to play truth or dare by the poolside.
i shant talk much into detail about what happened.
i'll simply let the photos take over the talking.

CLASS 6H OF 2004

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