(Day 5) reminiscing too much of the past.

(Day 5) Reminiscing one too many events about the past.

ever since i went to 6H gathering that day.
i've realised that i've been in constant contact with the past.
kept remembering the past events..
sth that i kept insisting on forgetting.
sth that i've been constantly avoiding.
perhaps what my old friend said was right.
rejecting something would never ever bring you anywhere.
face it. and conquer it.
it really is time for me to stop avoiding these matters.
especially for the fact that i can never run away from my past.
neither can i outrun my past too.
because it has already happened.
and it will stick with me throughout the rest of my life.

i went with my parents to toa payoh again.
( i just went this thursday night with them! )
not to shop this time of course!
i had already had enough of shopping on thursday.
made my mom slash her credit card only once.
because the payment was $85.95.
and i only went into one shop (BSX)
quite a shopper indeed!
bought 5 tops and 1 jeans.
lucky for the fact that it was the great singapore sales!
if not the bill would have been WAY HIGHER.
honestly. i cant help it.
when i'm in the mood to shop. i shop. and i have it all done in one go.
thats me, accept it!
anyway anyway.
today. we went to the KouFu foodcourt to eat today.
and i saw my primary 6 chinese teacher (陈老师)
the one that has throat problems. and she could recognise me!
felt really good to be able to be recognised by her.
i'm honestly in no mood to blog anymore.
old friend is distracting me lots on msn.
cant seem to concentrate on getting my thoughts out properly.
i'll probably do it tomorrow.
anyway! 13 more days to go. and i'm still counting on......

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