Buckaroo/change of Blogskin/ying's arrival back in SG

BUCKAROO. New Blogskin. Ying's Arrival back in SG

okay. i'm dead tired now.
really very very tired.
i think its because of the contacts which i'm still wearing at the moment.
kind of lazy to take it out first. besides, i'm rushing for time.
my bed is suddenly very alluring at this point of time.
however, i shall persist & hang on for the sake of Lexus.
promised him that i'll keep him updated on everything.
here i am, sacrificing my sleeping time just to blog this down.
he'd better be thankful or i swear i'll strangle him dead with both hands!
i can already feel a headache creeping up, its hinting me..
i want to! i really want to! but i cant yet..
okayokay. i shall stop with all the crap complains and get down to work.

that is a brilliant news.
considering for the fact that i get to whack someone up from bed again with his bolster!
actually, i think its more of me being whacked in the end.
but oh well, thats what happens when you wake a DOG up. it bites!
i just returned home not long ago from Changi Airport.
to be more precise.. i returned home half an hour ago.
yeapp, we [hao, hui, me] were suppose to be there to fetch ying back.
but i guess we were more of.. going there to eat?
the moment we stepped into the airport.
me & hao rushed to Macdonalds and bought a McWings Extra Value Meal.
furthermore, it wasnt as if we did not eat our dinner.
we ate it alright. and we filled our stomachs to the brim during dinnertime.
however, due to HIGH METABOLISM of teenagers who are still undergoing puberty.
i guess we still had a LITTLE space left for some munchies.
when me & hao walked back to find hui,
we found her sitting on one of the chairs eating YAKUN kaya toast.
both of us stared at her and gaped with open mouth.
sure indeed, we looked really stupid.
but hui was even more stupid. why you might ask.
well, when hui saw the YAKUN outlet at Changi Airport.
she JUMPED UP & DOWN pulling her father's shirt.
screaming at the top of her lungs..
i guess we cant really expect much from a 10 years old kid can we?
adorable indeed she is, but at such a public area..
i guess embarrassment scores over adorability.
and just as i'm mentioning this little girl..
i'm serious. she finished both cups of greentea which was supposedly to be mineeeeeeee.
when me and hao went to buy the McWings Meal at first,
i switched the usual order of Coke to Greentea.
reason #1 is because tanxuhao DOES NOT drink Greentea.
which means that i get to have the whole cup to myself [as i thought at first].
reason #2 i LOVE drinking Greentea.
though daddy say that girls should drink less Greentea but oh well, i guess a little wont harm.
when we went back to find the rest, [hui was happily munching on her YAKUN kaya toast]
hui said that she needed a drink. so i passed her my Greentea.
the next moment when i wanted my Greentea again.
she returned me the cup alright. BUT IT'S AN EMPTY CUP.
she drank up all the contents & left me a cup filled with only ice-cubes.
i turned my head, stared at her. and she gave me a toothy grin.
honestly.. what could i say then?
i was still thirsty so i dragged her along with me to get another cup of Greentea.
since it was her fault then i had nothing to drink.
this time, i ordered a MEDIUM cup of Greentea.
i was happily drinking it at first, till they said that ying could be seen at Belt32 alr.
so we rushed over and stuck our heads on the glass just to get a glance of ying.
just as we were stretching our necks finding ying,
hui said that she wanted to drink again. so all right, i passed it to her.
and i forgot bout the drink COMPLETELY.
when i remembered it again, [it was when ying was finally back with us at the arrival hall]
she returned me the cup with merely 1/10 of the contents left!
i stared at her again.
i passed her a cup with 8/10 of the contents left
& look what was left of it when she returned it to me.
somemore, it was merely a matters of a few minutes difference!
thus, i have concluded this incident with one sentence.

as most of you know,
yeahh. i've changed my blogskin. was bored of my old stripey-one.
shall not mention much of this since it would be a VERY boring topic.
all i can say is FLASHBOX sucks.
seriously, i mean it! the reason why i had it at first,
was because the HTML provided by Cbox would not work at first.
till i changed it to Xanga.
i guessed thats the only code which would work with this template.
the idiot FLASHBOX takes ages to load. and, it does not show the tags at times.
goddamn it irritating. refreshing the website is also pathetically helpless to the loading.
so people, my advice is.. USE Cbox. because it rocks completelyyyyy!

i was supposed to be at his house yesterday &
i was also supposed to be with Angie, Nana & Joey at PC Bunk.
however, my parents wouldnt let me out of the house.
sure i made a fuss of them not letting me out. kept pestering non-stop to let me out.
they almost went insane with all my pesterings.
even my grandparents were going mad. [OOPS! sorry grandpa, sorry grandma!]
so they brought me out to Buckaroo to eat dinner.

its this neat, cool western food restaurant at Sembawang.
dont bother trying to find it at any common place.
because the place that its located at, is VERY DESERTED.
for those who know where Sembawang Park is, or where Bottle Tree Village is.
yeapp. Buckaroo is located someplace near there.
i must say that the location of Buckaroo is very weird.
its located in the MIDDLE of tons of Private housings [eg. Terraces, Bungalows, Semi-Ds.]
yet, Buckaroo is a very well-known eatery. and the food served there is..WOW!
the Cream of Mushroom Soup is served within a loaf of bread.

and please take note of this fact:
the soup is being poured into the loaf of bread.
and then the loaf of bread with the soup within is served to you on a plate. unique eh?
the next thing i loved was the Deep-Fried Button Mushroom. MMMM....

i know this sounds disgusting but..
upon the first bite of the mushroom, juice spilled out onto the plate.
never tried such a tasty dish before. i rate it as a MUST-TRY OR WILL REGRET dish.
it was a good thing that we heeded the advice of the waiter,
to actually order only 1 plate of steak.
with that 1 plate of 500g steak comes a Caesar's Salad & a cup of Red Wine.

there a total of 3 people eating that plate of steak,
and none of us could finish it. honesty here!
with all that mushrooms, soup & bread. we were really full alr.
what more with a 500g steak & a Caesar's Salad?!?!
it's a little too much...
i had to solo a mushroom soup alone while my parents shared one.
if only my sister was there to share it with meeeeeee.

after all that eating,
you cant possibly expect us to just go home like that without a stroll right?
so we went over to Bottle Tree Village & Sembawang Beach for a walk.
for the first time in my life, [excluding television programs]
its the first time i saw a Bottle Tree!

and wow. never would i ever forget such a flora.
at the Sembawang Beach,

i learned how BIG & THICK a worm used for fishing could be.

seriously, its goddamn it disgusting.
it looks like a centipede, yet the size of it is no where similar.
it's too fat & round to be a centipede.
i learned that such kind of worms are used to fish for crabs.
oh! and i learned that..
indeed! Singapore Seas are not fit for swimming as they are too deep.
the waves keep "eating" away the sand such that
the gradient of the beaches changes very suddenly.
it's like it gets very deep all of a sudden. you can see the huge difference at Sembawang Beach.

the water was very shallow at first and the sand could still be seen.
but all of a sudden, the water turns black colour. which means that the area is very deep.
and the most important fact is that:
this happens within 1m of the gradient.
look how dangerous it is!
okay. i know that some of you might not understand this.
it's a geography thing. i've tried to not use any geographical terms.
but if you still dont get it then, i can only say i'm sorry.
i'm glad that 13.06.2008 was not another ordinary day,
whereby i merely studied and waste my time off on the computer.
at least i got to get my butt out of this house and wander around this small island.

Again, i want to apologize to..
HIM. Angie & Nana.
sorry for my sudden cancellation of the plans.
and my sudden withdrawal. really sorry!
i know i messed-up some of your schedules and ruined up some of the plans.
really very sorry! hope you people would forgive me! (:

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