Being A Tourist In Singapore: Re-visiting Trick Eye Museum

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Note: Read my previous post on Trick Eye Museum Singapore "here"

I was invited by The Influencer Network (TIN) to check out the NEW and IMPROVED Trick Eye Museum Singapore! Since its opening in June 2014, the attraction sight has been well received and patronised by tourist and us, local people!

Due to its huge popularity, Trick Eye Museum Singapore had to close down in the last 2 weeks of October 2015 to undergo some renovation. The renovation work done included touching-up its existing well-loved art pieces, and the installation of some new paintings — so as to attract back fans of 3D painting!

There are two new themed zones titled "Supernatural" and "Fantasy", as well as some new Interactive 4D concept artwork which requires visitors to project their face onto a screen and then interact with animated images!

Check out the embed YouTube videos for a better understanding of the new Interactive 4D artwork!

Trick Eye Museum
26 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa
Singapore 098138

Contact: 6795 2370

4D songs interactive

Rating: 4/5

My two cents:

The revamped Trick Eye Museum Singapore has six themed zones now (including the two new ones): "Mystery", "Excitement", "Fairytale", "Trick World", "Supernatural" and "Fantasy".

As you would have (obviously) noticed, I did not post up all the pictures in the two new themed zones. It was a deliberate move because if I did, what's the point of you visiting the museum to discover what the new paintings are?!

I can share that the new paintings involve a lot more "levitation" and acting so as to capture the essence of the artwork.

Without a doubt, I LOVE the new interactive 4D concepts. They make the museum so much more interesting and engaging! I spent so much time at the "interactive 4D Christmas sing/dance" zone because it was HILARIOUS to watch!

If you have had a cranky week at work and is in need of relieving your frustration, the "interactive 4D Art Fighter" zone is perfect for you! Knock yourself out boxing and kicking a fat sumo-wrestler; it is both fun and stress-relieving!

I like how Trick Eye Museum Singapore is making the effort to keep up with their name of "The World's Best 3D Museum". In my last post, I talked about how their paintings were in need of a touch-up and tadah! It has done that now!!

And also, I spoke about how it wasn't so fun to just keep taking photos of "flat" images, and out sprung these new 4D interactive concepts which I couldn't get enough of!

Of course, the road to perfection never ends and there would definitely be more improvements to be made. However just by judging how much they have come since my last visit, I honestly can't wait for the next revamp!

Who knows what would be next, more interactive 4D concepts? Or maybe there would be such a thing as 5D concept?!

We'll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, you can also check out their official blog at!

Note: This post was kindly sponsored by Trick Eye Museum Singapore and The Influencer Network.

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