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Dazzling Café Singapore
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Capitol Piazza

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Last Monday, Dazzling Café held a launch party at their flagship store at Capitol Piazza Mall, in celebration of their first-ever collaboration with Warner Bros’ iconic character, TWEETY!

The signature icon, Tweety made special appearance — because duh, he had to right?! — and so did popular TV drama series actor and celebrity guest, Shane Pow, who also graced the event with his presence!

Shane had a group of fans who were waiting outside the café, hoping to catch a glance of him!

They were really cute by getting all hyped when he finally made his appearance and also when they cheered him on as he had a friendly "Lava Toast-making" match with another invited guest! So sweet!!

Shane Pow, Tweety and Executive Director of Dazzling Café Singapore, Serene Tan

As shared by Serene Tan, AExecutive Director of Dazzling Café Singapore
Tweety has always been known to be fun and spirited and echoes Dazzling Café’s young, trendy and sweet disposition. I believe everyone at Dazzling Café will have a memorable and fun experience, as they celebrate the fun personality traits of Tweety, it will remind them of themselves!

Serene Tan, Shane Pow and Pacific Licensing Director of Warner Bros Consumer Products, Bianca Lee

From Bianca Lee, Managing Director of Warner Bros. Consumer Products in Greater China, SE Asia and India
Tweety sparkles as one of the most popular Looney Tunes characters, with a strong appeal to girls of all ages, and has become a globe-trotting, trend-setting fashion icon that is an embodiment of sweetness and a fun loving lifestyle.

We are excited and very proud to be working with stylish Dazzling Café to bring the Tweety experience to Singapore!

Tweety menu

The event unveiled the new special edition ‘Sweety Tweety’ menu, which would be available from now till Valentine's Day next year, 14 February 2016.

Dessert lovers can expect all-things Tweety with the specially crafted menu, including Dazzling’s menu favourites — lava toasts, profiteroles, mac and cheese, biscotti, iced teas and au laits!

Tweety Menu: Drinks and Main Course

Tweety Sweet Valentine ($7)

A fruity and refreshing glass of iced strawberry lychee bespoke tea, which settles with a red finish from the strawberry. However the lychee overpowers in taste, leaving a refreshingly sweet tang in your mouth!

Fresh leaves and strawberry bits are sprinkled on top to add to the refreshing sweetness of the drink.

Tweety Mac & Cheese ($22.90)

The Tweety Mac & Cheese is a dish that all cheese lovers will love!

It consists of 4 different types of cheese — Elementa cheese, Gruyere, Mozzarella and crispy Parmesan cheese — to create an indulging treat that one can have at any time of the day! Yay!

Tweety Menu: Desserts

Tweety Lava Chocolate Crispy Toast ($14.90)

One of the café’s best-seller and also Shane Pow's favourite, the signature lava toast with a new twist!

It is now accompanied by mango puree whip cream and vanilla ice cream, it blends well with the lava chocolate that oozes out of the toast as you slice it open.

Tweety Classic Profiteroles ($8.90)

An all-time favourite, it is presented just like Tweety, with a layer of sable a choux on the top!

This creates a slightly crunchy crust over the profiteroles and balances the textures between the creamy crème patisserie and soft choux pastry.

Topped off with snow powder, pistachio and almond flakes, this treat is a must-have for sweet lovers.

Rating: 4.2/5

My two cents:

Highly recommended dishes to try: Tweety Mac & Cheese and Tweety Lava Chocolate Crispy Toast

Tweety Mac & Cheese:
  • What I really love about the Tweety Mac & Cheese is the addition of mushrooms which added more flavour and texture to the dish. It also helped that despite the numerous quantity of cheese used, it was surprisingly not overwhelming in terms of its taste.
  • The Tweety Mac & Cheese was towards the creamier side (kind of like a carbonara) but a much lighter version. This dish is definitely suitable for those who hate feeling "gelat" after having had something too creamy/cheesy!

Tweety Lava Chocolate Crispy Toast:
  • The signature dish, Tweety Lava Chocolate Crispy Toast definitely lived up to its name of 'crispy toast'. I loved hearing the crunch sound as I sliced my butter knife into the toast. I wished that there were a bit more chocolate so that I could really get the oozing feel as they described.
  • Nonetheless, I like the taste of the entire combination. Tweety Lava Chocolate Crispy Toast was sweet with a tad of saltiness from the bread, and the vanilla ice cream added a punch of iciness that makes it great as a cooling treat in our hot Singapore weather!

Tweety Sweet Valentine:
  • The Tweety Sweet Valentine is a refreshing drink that is great to order on one of those days when the weather is being a b*tch, or on a sweet date with your love one (not that you would need any more sugar then!)
  • With that said, this drink can be a tad too overwhelming for some as it might come across as being far too sweet and tough to consume.

Tweety Classic Profiteroles:
  • I am always in for a good profiterole! These profiteroles are indeed good, however I would say that there isn't anything unique about it that makes it stand out from all other profiteroles that I have ever had.
  • Nonetheless if you need a profiterole-fix, the Tweety Classic Profiteroles from Dazzling Café would definitely make the cut!

Some other features on the Tweety menu which you should definitely try out are the Tweety Mocha Slushie and Tweety Biscotti Caramel Tea Set.


Started in 2010, Dazzling Café Pink is its first café serving honey toast in Taipei and enjoys explosive popularity with a huge following in Taiwan. Dazzling Café is now one of Asia’s fast-expanding trendy and hip café chain with presence in Taiwan, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore, and is renowned for its long queue of people awaiting to grab a bite of their signature toast!! The café embodies the mix of fashion, culinary and drinks in its business and marketing strategy.

Singapore first flagship store "Dazzling Café Mint" opened in June 2015 in the heart of the city at Capitol Piazza! It is now a popular local favourite for its honey toast and desserts, the Singapore café echoes the success of its Asian partners with the long queues during peak hours!

To enhance the celebration, Dazzling Café will also develop and offer a range of ‘DAZZLING CAFÉ X SWEETY TWEETY’ collectible merchandise in limited quantities. Designed with its trendy and fashion-forward female patrons in mind, the collectibles will include drinking glasses and umbrellas.

Here is a piece of good news for all cafe hoppers: Dazzling Café will be opening their 2nd Singapore outlet in the first quarter of 2016! So do keep a look-out for its opening day!

Note: This post was kindly sponsored by Dazzling Café Singapore and Access Communications.

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