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Last week, I attended MELILEA's Celebration Party for their Executive President...

Datuk Dr Stella Chin!

MELILEA is an international group of companies that was founded by Datuk Dr Stella Chin and her husband, Datuk Dr Alan Wong back in 2001, at The Historic State of Malaysia, Malacca.

It was created based on the mission to "Transform your life with MELILEA". They envisioned their company to provide the best transformation platform worldwide and prided themselves based on the values of Health, Beauty, Success and Happiness.

MELILEA Organic products

MELILEA supplements

MELILEA has its focus on creating quality products through a unique business management system, and its staff is required to undergo constant education and training to keep themselves up-to-date.

On top of that, the corporation has also created an innovative reward program that would help to achieve a sustainable income for everyone.

Dr Stella Chin has worked 20 hard years in international marketing, human resources and corporate management. She has created an international company with headquarters in various Asian countries!

Her hard work has made her the first Asian woman to be the Finalist Winner of 4 Categories in "Stevie Awards for Women in Business".

The international corporation held a party at M Hotel Singapore in Dr Stella Chin's honour for her success at this year's 12th Annual Stevie Awards Ceremony!

I had the honour of having a first-hand interaction with Dr Stella Chin and I have to admit that she is a "superwoman" and she deserved every single one of the awards won.

If I had to describe Dr Stella Chin, I would say that she is a petite woman who possess a beautiful heart with a captivating charisma, and she is able to command quite the scene with her presence!

Dr Stella Chin possess unique leadership qualities that has helped many women to achieve their own financial freedom.

Besides being the founder of MELILEA, Dr Stella Chin is also the founder and promoter of Star Ladies International and Women's Wealth Creation (WWC) — both associations work towards a common goal in helping women to strive for their own wealth and to find their own goal and meaning in life.

Due to her dedicated involvement at work and in the community, Dr Stella Chin has also been dubbed as the "Initiator for Transforming Lives"!

During the event, she shared her success story, thoughts and life principles with us. There was a particular life motto of hers which struck a chord in me...

Despite all my successes and all the money that I already have, my riches does not translate to happiness. Here is one thing that I have learnt about gaining happiness and a principle that I stick by... One must not be lazy, for nothing in life is easy.

No easy. No Lazy. That's what I tell myself everyday.

Dr Stella Chin's has many successes in the business world, but she has one goal in her life which she holds dearly to her heart. Her goal is:

"To strike a balance between family and career"

Any working woman with a family can tell you that her goal is one that every woman tries and struggles to achieve, but Dr Stella Chin has successfully managed to find and attain the perfect balance between two challenging areas in every working mother's life.

A role model for all women throughout the world for her diligence in persevering in both her work and her family!

MELILEA was super generous and gave every attending blogger a month's supply of their prime products

Here is what I got to bag home from the event:
  • MELILEA Organic Nutritious Botanical Powder
  • MELILEA Organic Henry Apple Orchard Powder,
  • MELILEA Organic Soymilk Powder
  • MELILEA Shaker (for concocting the drinks)

MELILEA Organic Nutritious Botanical Powder

It is created by renowned researcher and organic specialist, Dr Henry Chang, who has designed it based on our human body's optimal dietary requirements.

MELILEA Organic Nutritious Botanical Powder is rich in phytonutrients and is 100% imported from USA!

It contains more than over 20 organically grown, non-genetically modified organism (GMO) plants — including golden grains, vegetables and fruits — and has been graded 5-star zero-pollution food by the Organic United Nations Friendship Association (OUNFA).

Because of all the vegetables and fruits used to make this botanical powder, when mixed with water, the mixture kinda smells and taste like mushroom soup! #IMHO

This 5-Star organic food formulation has also been certified "halal" by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA).

MELILEA Organic Nutritious Botanical Powder is great for our bodies as it:

  • Improves physical fitness: The Organic Botanical Powder improves our health condition and body physique through cleansing, while providing us with a balanced amount of nutrition for our day-to-day activities.

  • Promotes metabolism: It can effectively burn more fats when used as a meal replacement during weight-loss, and also as a detoxification agent.

  • Gives healthy glowing skin: It is effective as a detox product and provides sufficient nutrients which give us beautiful and youthful-looking skin (think: k-pop stars!)

  • Improves our physiological functions: The organic food can help to regulate and support healthy organ functions, thus making us healthier and free from illnesses!

MELILEA Organic Henry Apple Orchard

MELILEA Organic Henry Apple Orchard is made from 100% natural organic fruits, and the drink does not taste overly sweet nor sour!

It makes a brilliant instant refreshment and not only does the drink taste great, it is also rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, minerals as well as phytonutrients. (Tip: It tastes superrrrbbbb when mixed with iced water!)

MELILEA Organic Henry Apple Orchard is considered healthy as it does NOT contain saccharin (artificial sweetener), artificial flavouring, artificial colouring and preservatives. It is the perfect choice when you need an instant refreshment!

MELILEA Organic Soymilk Powder

MELILEA Organic Soya Powder is made using the best quality and zero-pollution organic soya beans. It is made without the use of any artificial colour, artificial flavouring nor preservatives!

Due to the lack of preservatives, MELILEA had to TRIPLE package the product so as to retain its level of freshness. I'm awed by the amount of effort that MELILEA has put into keeping up with their promise — to provide the world with QUALITY PRODUCTS!

The Organic Soya Drink is rich in nutritional value and can easily provide amino acid, protein, calcium, vitamin B, vitamin D, lecithin, isoflavones and other natural phytonutrients that are vital components for healthy growth and development.

This product is made from non-GMO organic soybean that is grown exclusively in Hei Long Jiang, China. It has also been de-hulled to give a better taste!

MELILEA Organic Soy Drink is a good source of plant-based proteins and is ideal for people of all ages:

  1. Babies and Toddlers
    The Organic Soya Drink is great for infants who are lactose intolerant, sensitive or allergic to milk. It is also suitable for those who are frequent sufferers of indigestion.

  2. Children
    For young children/teenagers, the Organic Soya Drink can help to enhance their memory and promote a healthy physical growth and development — P-U-B-E-R-T-Y!!

  3. Young and Working Adults (where most of us fall into this category)
    As for adults, we all know the amount of meat and fast food that we take in per week... so this soy drink can help us to reduce our cholestrol level as well as to supplement the nutrients that we have missed out on in our daily (quick) meals!

  4. Pregnant soon-to-be moms
    MELILEA Organic Soymilk is good for providing sufficient nutrients especially protein and calcium for the mom-to-be as well as the little one in her womb!

  5. Pioneer generation
    This Organic Soy drink is beneficial to the elderly it helps to increase their strength and vitality, as well as to improve their brain function and general health.

MELILEA chose to make their products using the finest organic ingredients with their customers in mind, as organic foods are free from harmful chemicals thus reducing their customer's health risk!

Now here is how you make this incredibly beneficial drink in 6 EASY steps!

Step 1: Add 350ml of COLD water

Step 2: Add in a scoop of MELILEA Organic Nutritious Botanical Powder

Step 3: Add in 2-4 small scoops of MELILEA Organic Henry Apple Orchard Powder

Step 4: Add in 2 scoops of MELILEA Organic Soymilk Powder

Step 5: Stir and shake well

Step 6: It is now ready for your consumption!

This mixture is one of the most nutritious food supplement available and it makes an ideal choice as a daily meal replacement or just to ease hunger pangs.

It is also suitable to be used as a meal replacement when losing weight as it provides the body with balance nutrients during weight loss. It is advisable to drink it half an hour before each meal, three times a day.

For normal daily consumption, drink it half an hour before breakfast and ensure that you consume sufficient amount of water so as to improve intestinal motility (aka to make your 'pang sai' better!)

MELILEA products can be purchased either online or in their Singapore retail outlet.

Check out their website for more information!

MELILEA Singapore Headquarters
No.33, Ubi Avenue 3, #02-08, Vertex Singapore (408868)
Contact: (65) 6509 9119
Operational Hours: 10am-6pm (Mon-Sat), closed on Sunday

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