A Staycation at Four Points By Sheraton Singapore, And Here Is How The Stay Went!

I'll be the nth person to quote you the reason of how a staycation is like travelling abroad, but in a local context.

The first ever Four Points By Sheraton hotel in Singapore offered me the quietest and most relaxing staycation that I have ever had in my life. In this hotel, I was given a chance to unwind, destress and regroup myself during my short one-night stay.

I could take a calming swim without having to jostle for space in the pool and take a rejuvenating afternoon nap on their soft comfy bed. However the highlight of my stay was really the delicious pint of their famous house beer, complimentary to my stay. Read on for more details.

Four Points By Sheraton Deluxe Room
Premium King Room, with a great view of the Singapore River ($199/night)

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During reservation, guests are provided with the option of twin beds or a king-size bed in their room

Four Points By Sheraton Locksafe
A in-room safe to store your valuables, and ironing equipments to press out any unwanted crinkles

Four Points By Sheraton Singapore, The Riverview
Ensuite bathroom with a standing shower

Four Points By Sheraton Toilet
The typical bathroom apparatus – I'm a fan of the neat tiled wall

Four Points By Sheraton Singapore Riverview
Lazy stretch on the cushioned window-seat

Four Points By Sheraton Pool
Extremely quiet pool that is great for a de-stressing swim

Four Points By Sheraton Pool
Lounging with a glass of icy cold water at one of the poolside cabana

With a poolside towel counter offering fluffy white towels, guests can conveniently wipe dry after a good swim

Utilising the in-house gym at the hotel

They've got almost everything, from treadmills to dumbbells, and more

Four Points By Sheraton, The Best Brew
During the night, we chilled at the hotel's bar with a pint of their house beer, the Tall Tale Pale Ale

Four Points By Sheraton Singapore Breakfast
On the next morning, we concluded the stay with their International Breakfast Buffet
Tip: Their nasi lemak and sambal chilli are must-tries!!

Four Points By Sheraton Singapore Breakfast Eggs
Their egg station has the most amount of egg options that I have ever seen in all my life
Kudos to that!

Four Points By Sheraton
Bidding a reluctant farewell to my awesome night at Four Points By Sheraton Singapore, Riverview

Rating: 4.3/5

My two cents:

If you caught my previous post on Four Point's all you can eat and drink, BBQ + Free Flow Beer Buffet, then this hotel isn't a stranger to you nor I.

Four Points By Sheraton Singapore, Riverview sounds new, but this isn't a new hotel per se. The hotel has got a history and was formerly known as "Riverview Hotel" at Robertson Quay – does that name ring a bell now? It went through a round of renovation and celebrated its rebranding in July 2016.

The building is now exuding a sense of modern, individualism; an ideal hotel for the independent travellers.

The term "independent travellers" is used to describe individuals who would deliberately select a fuss-free experience on their trips. It entails a preference to carry your own luggage to your hotel room, and the demand for solitude and privacy.

With that said, the hotel's staff is ready to be at your service 24/7. What I am most amazed about is their ability to help without being overtly intrusive in their guest's privacy. Take for instance, I had accidentally left behind my breakfast vouchers on the reception counter during my check-in. The receptionist called and said that they would send someone to deliver the vouchers to my room.

After about 5 minutes, I heard footsteps approaching my room door and was ready to swing the door open when he rang the doorbell. However, the doorbell never rang. The thoughtful staff slipped an envelope (with the breakfast vouchers) under my door, and walked away quietly.

Now, that's what I call top-notch service. Most hotels' staff would ring the doorbell and I would have to (irritably) scramble out of my comfy place in bed just to open the door – I am one of those who maximises her usage of the "Do Not Disturb" sign on hotel room doors.

I am immensely in love with the peace and quiet that I have experienced at the hotel. From my calming swim in the afternoon – brownie points for not having to jostle with anyone else for pool space – to the chill-out night at the hotel bar, The Best Brew, where we enjoyed a refreshing cold pint of their famous house beer.

The room's window-seat is one of my favourite places because I got to snap so many Instagrammable shots right there. The bed was so comfortable that le fiancé (who usually has a tough time falling asleep) knocked out straight away.

This is probably the quietest staycation that I have ever had thus far, and that's a good thing! I had ample time to rest and relax. I would highly recommend this place for people who are looking for some quiet-me time to unwind, destress and regroup yourself.

If you are looking to experience what I have had, go for their Bed and Brew Deal which includes 2 complimentary glasses of Tall Tale Pale Ale per night and free Wi-Fi access.

Otherwise, for more information you can check out their website here.

Follow their Facebook and Instagram page for the latest updates on their promotions.

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