Being a tourist in Singapore: Trick Eye Museum

The Trick Eye Museum is one of Singapore's up and coming tourist attractions, and with its situated location... tons of families go there for outings as well.

A couple of months back, I made an obligatory visit to Trick Eye Museum.

Here is my take of the place and some of the photos taken:

Trick Eye Museum
26 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa
Singapore 098138

Contact: 6795 2370

Rating: 2/5

My two cents:
Would I ever go back there? Definitely, no.

Was it worth the $25 paid? No.

There was a period of time when my Facebook "Home" page got flooded with photos taken by friends who had visited the place. Some of my friends warned about how overrated the place is, and after my virgin trip to this attraction I am highly inclined to agree with their words.

The only reason why I even went there was because H's family went and I was invited too.

I am grateful for the presence of on-site staff who did their best in managing the crowd of visitors waiting to enter the museum. One of the staff was kind enough to pull out a stool for H's grandmother to sit as we waited to enter. Commendable hospitality service provided! Well done! (:

Unfortunately all was not jolly and gay. The long waiting time just to get into the museum is incredulous — 45 minutes spent STANDING outside the museum just waiting to get in!!

And more waiting to do once you enter the museum. The maximum capacity of the museum was maxed out and it was a nightmare entering the place. HUMANS... EVERYWHERE.

The whole place is so damn crowded that taking a picture is a pain in the arse. You will be banged left and right. Kids will be stepping on your toes. Your ears will be ringing from the noise. Shit load of queueing to do. Your skin has to be damn right thick.

It was impossible to appreciate the spectacular artworks, what a shame to the diligent artist. Management staff, please do something on crowd control.

Some tips:
This is not a place that you should even consider going if you intend to go alone. Because: 1) you have nobody to take the photos for you — do not believe the museum's recommendation to use a selfie stick, 2) you will stick out like a sore thumb, 3) you would finish walking the entire place in 5 minutes flat.

If you wanna have fun with this and have really good pictures taken, put out your best acting skills and EXAGGERATE your expressions!!!!! It's the perfect time to be whacky. Or if not, prepare to succumb yourself to some much-dreaded boredom and heartbreak over the price of your admission ticket.

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