Kanoom Thai Dessert Café

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Kanoom Thai Dessert Café
7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-102 Singapore 081007

Contact: (+65) 90921012
Website: http://www.kanoom.com/
Opening hours: 10.30am to 8pm, from Mon - Sat (Including PH). Closed on Sunday

Khao Niew Mamuang ($6)
"Mango Sticky Rice: An all time favourite, this decadent savoury dessert is a homemade secret recipe"

Honestly you have never had Mango Sticky Rice till you have tried the one at Kanoom's. The ingredients, especially the mango, was specially imported from Thailand and thus the quality of the whole dish is guaranteed! The mango was sweet and fragrant, without any hint of sourness at all!

Don't even get me started on the sticky rice... I have never had any sticky rice that is even comparably fragrant. The chef added a "secret" ingredient to the dish which resulted in its fragrance — I tried asking what it is but they wouldn't divulge their secret to me boohoo!

Pandan Kaya Toast ($2.80/$4)
"Fresh coconut milk infused with the scent of pandan leaves in between two slices of crisp toast"

The Pandan Kaya Toast is great as a simple teatime snack! The kaya is created in-house by the chef and has a creamier texture than our usual kaya.

It isn't as sweet as nyonya kaya due to the non-usage of gula melaka, but it does have its own set of alluring fragrance from the use of coconut milk and pandan.

Jasmine Pudding ($4.50)
"This Jasmine pudding adds a creamy and aromatic twist to an old favorite!"

Imagine this: A semi-sweet soft pudding emanating a light aromatic jasmine fragrance. The aroma of the jasmine, it lingers in your mouth even though the pudding has slid down your throat. The sweetness of the pudding, is pretty much touch-and-go yet it sticks in your mind.

Combined with the colourful water chestnut beads... which are so great to chew on because they are half-chewy and half-crunchy! It is almost like an explosion of textures in your mouth!

Tub Tim Krob ($4.50)
"Red Ruby: Water chestnut beads made in-house covered with tapioca flour served in sweetened coconut milk."

For this dish, you will get that sensational half-chewy-half-crunchy texture from the water chestnut beads, combined with the fragrance of coconut milk with a tinge of sweetness to keep the taste rolling round and round in your mouth!

Tako ($2.80)
"Pandan Pudding with coconut milk and chestnuts"

A simple pudding with a light fragrance from the use of pandan and coconut milk, combined with the crunchy texture from cubed chestnuts!

The café has kindly created takeaway versions of this dessert so that customers are able to bring it home and shared with their loved ones! Yay, share the joy man!

Do note that in the takeaway version, customers will be bringing home the pudding that has been made and moulded in a plastic container, instead of in a shot glass (like in the picture above).

Ratings: 4.3/5

My two cents:

Kanoom Thai Dessert Café is a café opened and owned by two entrepreneurs — one a local, the other a thai — a couple of months back in the year 2015. The chef is a talented Thai lady who brought recipes from her home country and creates magic in the cafe's kitchen!

Every morning the chef enters the cafe at 6.30am and begins her work, manually cubing water chestnuts into smaller pieces so as to create the unique-textured water chestnut beads (think: bubble tea black pearls coloured red with a crunch in the middle!)

If it isn't obvious from my descriptions of all dishes with the water chestnut beads, I am in love with those beads! I swear from the bottom of my heart that water chestnut beads is the new 'in' thing, and pearls from bubble tea stores can get booted out of the front door already!

The desserts from Kanoom's are not overtly sweet, and most have a tantalising fragrance from the use of coconut milk and/or pandan leaves. If you are a fan of Thai desserts, this is one café that you would love and HAVE to drop by!

Highly recommended desserts to try: Mango Sticky Rice and Jasmine Pudding

Note: This is a sponsored post by courtesy of Kanoom Thai Dessert Café and event organiser, Sugar.

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