Love... is beautiful?

Love is.... caring for the person more than you care for yourself.
Love is.... wanting to be every part of his life.
Love is.... getting excited over things that happened in his life.
Love is.... being there for him, no matter rain or shine.
Love is.... smiling to yourself when you think of him.
Love is.... "my boy is just so cute" when he did something stupid.
Love is.... the need to hear his voice.
Love is.... thinking of his face just before you sleep.
Love is.... talking to your family about him.
Love is.... wanting to be his everything.
Love is.... thinking of him even when you're shopping.
Love is.... feeling nervous for him when he's the one going for his interview.
Love is.... loving everything around him.
Love is.... not telling him the heartache you feel when you're angry with him.
Love is.... not wanting to affect him with your mood.
Love is.... relating everything to him.
Love is.... loving him, with no regrets.
Love is.... beautiful?

I didn't jump into the river to drown. I didn't ride the roller coaster to fall. I didn't love you to get myself hurt. I wish I could still say, without sway, that love is beautiful.

To me, that is no longer a statement. It is a question, for which I have no answer.

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