Between the occasional slight upward turn of the corners of my lips and the frequent unknown water droplets wetting my cheeks

Lately, I am accustomed to walking around shopping malls on my own. I didn't feel that much of an oddball, which was what I thought I would look like if I were to go shopping alone. It really isn't that bad.

I like the peace and serenity; being able to encapsulate myself in my world of thoughts as I walked in and out of any shop which might appear appealing to me. It is pretty fun in a way. However, when it comes to buying stuff, and I've got a whole variety staring straight back at me, that would be one of the moments when I wish that I had someone with me to help me out. In the past, I would have simply pulled out my phone, text "Blue or white?", "Tigger or eeyore?", "Roses or hearts?" and etc., then he would give me his suggestions and opinions. I can't do that anymore.. So! I end up facing the shelf for a really long time, picking up one item, then placing it back, picked another item, placed it back, then I would pick up the first item again. I am so indecisive! (Lol)

Anyway, I was waiting for my bus one day, when I saw a rainbow! Not the kind you see in the sky, it is more of an 'artificial' rainbow? You know.. Light passes through a transparent material (eg. glass), the many colours in the spectrum of light gets divided due to the medium, hence the formation of a rainbow. Or something somewhere along that line. This sounds kiddy, but I was thrilled to see the rainbow! Especially one which I could 'hold' in my hands. So I whipped out my phone and started snapping pictures as discreetly as I could. I know that this auntie at the busstop saw me, and she gave me this weird look. Needless to say, I ignored her. (LOL)


One day, bestie asked me, "Can you tell me what you want for your birthday so my life can be made easier?" I replied him that I didn't know what I want for my birthday yet. During one of my alone shopping trips, I spotted this pluto in one of the shops. Mad love for it I tell you. Instantaneous love for it. One of those epic moments when I wanna just grab this pluto, head for the cashier, pay for it, leave the shop, hugging this adorable huggable soft plush toy, without even considering about the numerous soft toys which I already have at home. So yes, big hint ok bestie!! I feel like such a total sucker now. HAHA!

Reiterate scene from Despicable Me: It's so FLUFFY!!!! I'm gonna die! (cuddles pluto in ecstasy)

Picture says it all man. GELÁRE!!! To-die-for.

I swore to myself, to treat myself to a tiny cup of this awesome ice-cream once a month. I'm always picking the same flavor, be it in Singapore or in Perth. Nothing can be more heavenly than this. And it never fails to make my day, even if that day happens to be the suckiest day of my life.

When I was having my share of Geláre this month while walking home, I felt odd. Plainly because I passed by 3 people having MacDonald's Oreo McFlurry ice-cream, and I was savouring my awesome Geláre cookies-and-cream ice-cream. The ice-cream they were having, and the ice-cream I was having, was in fact, the same. However, their portion was a hell lot bigger and the price was 2 and a half times cheaper than mine. Then again, it's Geláre dude! Even if you say that I'm stupid and it is so not worth it, I'm still keeping to my promise. September is coming!!

Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre.


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