It's time to partay!

Partyworld with my sister!

I like the agar-agar. *points at the purplish blue stuff*

Bubble Milk Tea. (Not as in those kind of pearls in bubble teas, but real bubbles!) I'm telling you, it's mad awesome!!

My sister gets me cracking whenever she doesn't know how to sing a part of a song, because she would start going off-key deliberately. I'm glad that I am still capable of hearing. She sounds really really horrible when she goes off-key - seriously unimaginably horrible.

She loves my Satchi bag too.

At times I wonder, why am I so crazy? Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I do not have an answer for that. I'm having one of my crazy moments now. I think it is partly due to Katy Perry's songs. And Eric's random insanity on Twitter. This is a crazy world. I live in a crazy world. Woohooo!

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