Kare-oke at Cheena-town

Friday, 3rd September 2010. After my geography and economics paper, I went down to Chinatown to join 2 babes for Kbox. I almost killed Wan Lin because she is terrible in giving directions.

Wan Lin: Take the long long escalator. Then turn right and walk down that stretch of pathway.
Me: What pathway?! I only see Bee Cheng Hiang!
Wan Lin: Where are you?? Why got Bee Cheng Hiang?!
Me: I'm in... (looks around) Chinatown!!!
Wan Lin: Duh right. I know you are in Chinatown.
Me: No really! Got red lantern and old shop-houses and old uncles and chinese calligraphy and...
Wan Lin: You turn right, face the back, then you walk, then you will see a building. It is that building.
Me: Okay wait, I try. (walks for abit) Is the building called.. (reads the neon lighting) Basement Two..?
Wan Lin: Why are you at basement two?!?! We are at the fourth floor!
Me: No no. I am asking you if the building is called Basement Two?
Wan Lin: The building is called lucky plaza. [Side note: The building is actually called lucky chinatown -.-]
Me: Where got?! Ok wait, I walk abit more.
Wan Lin: Just walk straight.
Me: If I walk straight I bang into the fencing already!
Wan Lin: Aiya, just walk lah!
Me: Wah lao!! The Basement Two building is the building lah!
Wan Lin: We are at the fourth floor! Not basement two!!
Me: ....Nevermind. I am coming up now. (enters the elevator)

Fyi, I walked to and fro that freaking building and the MRT station 3 times! Just imagine how stupid I must have looked. Urrgh! Embarrassing.

Violet Blackberry!

Suj wouldn't let me upload any other pictures. Or she would kill me. Especially the picture of her smiling at her food. Lol!

I wish I took a picture of the dinner - Nasi Lemak & Wanton Noodle - we had there. It was omfg good. Super addictive! Ok, maybe it was because I was very hungry. I only had 2 meals for the past 2 days? Go figure. I think I am becoming anorexic. That is so uber cool! (Do not send me to IMH, I am perfectly sane thank you.)

They have a really cute waiter there. I was 1 and a half hour late? (Hehe..) He saw me and when I said, "I need to go to room 817?", he commented, "You are really late! Your friends have been waiting for you." and then he gave me a really cute smile and directed me to the room my friends were in. (Awww..) He kept coming in to serve us - okay well, serve me because my friends had already ordered their dinner and their drink. But umm.. He is.. Abit.. Short ya.. Like slightly taller than me or perhaps the same height as me when I have heels on? Okay, I shall end here for this paragraph. I feel awful.

Kbox at Cheena-town is mad awesome! They have the latest technology there - touchscreen! No more confusing remote controls, no more stupid buttons! Sujean called me a bimbo though. :(
Me: Eh! How to go back to the page which shows all the songs we chose?
Suj: There, you go here. (taps the screen)
Me: I say the page which shows all the songs we chose lah. You show me all the singers for what!
Suj: Eh? Oh. I thought you wanted that. Erm... Let me see....
Me: Is it this one? The biggest button on the screen! (taps on it before she can say anything)
Suj: Wah lao!! Bimbo leh you! Biggest button on the screen!
Me: What! Isn't it suppose to be the case?!
Suj: Bimbo!!!

And she continued laughing at me for another 15 minutes. Also, the biggest button on the screen didn't bring me to the page that I wanted to go to. It made Suj laugh even harder. Wan Lin came to the rescue and helped me get to the page I wanted. Sujean called me a bimbo. :(((

I didn't sing much that day. I was too busy sipping on my violet blackberry. Loves! And chewing on the jelly! Loves x2! I can't wait for Prelims to be over. I think there is gonna be another kbox date with my clique, plus a movie too! Relaxation is on its way.

I've already booked 2 girlfriends on 2 separate shopping trips. Hohohoho! I am gonna have lots of new stuff soon! Out with the old, in with the new!

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