Blue and Blurry

Hi, do you know that I am waiting for you? Where are you exactly? I know I've got to be patient, but really, I am running out of patience soon.

Do you know how jealousy courses through my veins when I see all most of my friends soaking in bliss of finding their other half, or going to be their other half? I get so annoyed by those who say they want to wait abit more that I just wanna grab a vase, smash their head with it and scream, "What are you waiting for?! Are you trying to torture people like me?! Asshole. Faster go say yes, buy a ring, get her a pretty white dress, get yourself a handsome tuxedo, book a church, book a pastor, walk down the aisle, get married and have 3 kids. I would gladly say yes if you want me to their godmother! Oh and, don't forget to live happily ever after too." When will my chance to get almost-smashed at by a vase and screamed by my single friends ever come? When are you ever gonna come? I don't like waiting, I really don't. But I doubt I have a choice. Can you please come quickly? Pretty pretty please. I am tired of waiting.

Even though I haven't met you yet, I miss you. I really do. You had better come quick or I might be the one smashing you with a vase instead, screaming at you, "Why did you keep me waiting for so long?! Just look at my rabbit eyes. You need to be responsible for them because I missed you so much that I cried every night. I hate you for making me wait so long." I might just even consider giving you a hard time before saying yes, in revenge for keeping me waiting for so long. I don't need any promises from you. I just need your love.

Come quick okay? I'm waiting for you...

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