Hearts my Bestie

Me: My friend called me a bimbo :(
Bestie: That's great!
Me: Why? :O
Bestie: Because you show them later that you're a fucking genius. And then you will have style and brains at the same time!

I really gotta give it to my best friend sometimes. It is true that his obstination drives me so insane that I wanna just yank all his hair out of his head even though he just had an expensive haircut. Especially when he starts talking about his strawberry, then I've gotta chant pretty babe 5 times. Also, when he starts his gibberish about computers, physics, the universe and whatnots, my eyes will grow as wide as fishballs and there will be an instant blank in my head, and I'd go.. "WHAT is he talking about...?" However, I must give him due credit for my gain in general knowledge! He is my walking encyclopedia. Well, sort of. HAHA

A few days ago, we had a huge argument over some trivial issues, and I was partly to be blamed. (I'm sorry Bestie) A cold war was established between the two of us for two days, and honestly, I really missed jabbering nonsense with him during those two days. Then, on the third day, he called. He asked if I was at home and if I could meet him at the shopping mall near my place because he had something he wanted to talk to me about. I agreed and I went to meet him. He didn't exactly talked to me. Instead, he passed me this...

Yes, this is the same Pluto plush toy I posted a picture of on this very blog not too long ago. The exact same one.

I was surprised. I was shocked. And most importantly, I felt bad. Really really really bad. It wasn't like I didn't feel apologetic before he gave me the plush toy. I did, but thanks to my pride, I just couldn't swallow it down again, to say sorry a second time. (I did say sorry once ok bestie! REMEMBER? Do not make me refresh your memory for you with an insincere apology.) When I got home, the first thing I did was ripped the wrapping apart, took off the price tags, hugged my pluto, went to my sister's room and reiterated the scene from Despicable Me ("It's so fluffy!! I think I'm gonna die!!!!") infront of my sister. She thought I went bonkers, I can't blame her for thinking that way.

My sister told me, "You are very lucky to have such a good best friend you know." Yes, I know that. I lost a boyfriend, but I gained so many best friends in return. And Bestie, you are one of the best guy friends I have ever had. I am glad I have you. Thank you Bestie, for being my best friend (:

AND, here are more pictures of Pluto! He is so cute! I think I'm gonna dieeeeeee!

Isn't he adorable?? :D

Ok, I think Bestie is going to kill me because I lied to him that I am doing my work and so I can't listen to his Jason Mraz songs. In actual fact, I am here composing this touching entry. Don't cry ok Bestie? I know I am very good at words. Hehe!

But really, thank you Bestie.

Post-Note: I was a little sad when Bestie went off to bed without reading this entry, because he was too upset over the strawberry for some particular reason again. I wrote this entry specially for him. I poured in so much effort and rushed it out so he wouldn't have to be kept awake for too long. In the end, he didn't get to read it. Stupid strawberry. :(

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