The day is set.

The day is set.

It aren't gonna be words only. This time, I really mean it. I am really gonna take action. I have enlisted the help of Bestie. I have had enough of just talking about it, and doing it with half a heart, okay maybe three-quarters. This time round, I'm giving it my all. I will be doing it with my whole heart. This is not for anyone, this will be for myself.

This will be for me to mend my broken heart. This will be for me to stop avoiding what I should be able to face full-front. This will be a major transformation. This will be a dramatic change. This is what I call, superficiality.

And like what I said, I'm not sorry for being superficial. Not anymore. This is what I will be. This is what I should be. This is me.

And it will start friday.

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