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CJC Teachers' Day 2010 - Potluck

Geláre - Waffle with maple syrup + 2 scoops of ice cream
We had Swiss Chocolate Caramel and Macadamia Nut that day. Cookies and Cream wasn't in stock!! You can imagine how upset I was. But my sadness only lasted for a few nano-seconds. :P

My sister was killing her brain cells over whether she should keep her hair long or cut it short. And so, me, the little nice sister, went with her to Jantzen. On our way there, we debated on the issue of her hair length. I took the stand that she should keep her hair long because she was gonna rebond it anyway, and it will look uglier when it grows out again if she were to cut it short. So blah blah blah.. Conclusion? She took my advice and didn't cut her hair. Yay!!

The last shot is awesome, isn't it? I took it. *smirks*
Use Canon! It gives quality pictures that will be delighting you always. LOL!

Pastamania (again!)

This is my favourite drink, Blackberry Italian Soda. MAD LOVES.

The 3 pictures below show why Canon should be your desired camera:

I know, I love Canon too!

We saw this at Mini-Toons and I had this HUGE urge to buy it. I know it'll look super sweet on my laptop. I just know it. Also! It is less than $2! What a bargain! Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

Girlfriend, can we switch a venue next time? It's always been either New York New York or Pastamania! We need a change! How about Café Cartel next? Or perhaps Jack's place? It's been ages since I last patronized them. I've got a random craving for Sakae Sushi and Seoul Garden too. Hehs.


Alright, this has been a really really long entry. Prelims are on-going now. Exams and tuitions altogether - it is one helluva crazy week. I think I need another round of Geláre to de-stress.

"There are many souls out there, to be your soulmate." -wj

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