I'm the One who Landed You in this Plight..

i brought this upon you, no words can ever express my apology to you.

what have i done this time?
i never imagined to bring such a catastrophe upon you.
my stupid little mistake have caused the both of us great misery.
because of me, we have to be apart for 2 years.
i'm really sorry.
i thought that i was the only one suffering in agony,
i thought that i was the one who suffered the most.
but i was completely wrong.
i wished that i could turn the clock back,
i wished that time could be reverted back.
i would have shut up at that time,
i would have stopped you.
i would have done ANYTHING possible to prevent it.
i'm so sorry.
it's all my fault.
i darent face you now.
i doubt i would even be able to say anything when i see you right infront of me now.
yes, i do wish that you can be standing right infront of me now.
but i doubt i would be able to utter a single word.
i'm so sorry..

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