Was it just a wrong interpretation or..?

A wrong interpretation?

just returned from a night swim.
yeah, i know i'm mad.
fancy going swimming at 9pm in the night.
but the cold water did help me to clear my mind for once.
had the whole pool to myself.
well, i normally had it all to myself.
so it doesnt make much of a diff eh?
hmm.. there i was.
floating on the surface of the water.
the water blocked out all voices, all sounds, all disturbance.
all i knew was the beautiful night sky above me,
and my thoughts.
luckily, the pool i had was an outdoor pool.
so i could gaze at the night sky.
pity the sky was cloudy tonight,
so there wasnt much stars as usual.
but, the purplish sky was quite a sight.
guess it's gonna rain again soon..
the first dip in the pool was freezing chill as usual.
but i got use to it eventually.
i love it when i get to be in the pool all by myself.
its probably the best place to think. to sort out all thoughts.
i kept thinking bout so many question while i was in the pool.
was it just a wrong interpretation?
did i mess up my own thoughts again?
was i expecting too much?
what was i thinking?
what was i doing?
what did i really want?
and i have zero answers to all these questions.
to think i spend 3hours in the pool.
and i came up with zero answers.
i guess the sky was too much of a beauty and a distraction.
wish i was in the water again..

to ling:
sorry i didnt call you to go swimming with me.
i wanted to sort certain thoughts out.
these few days have been really crazy for me.
i'm passing everyday in confusion.
keep getting distracted by my sudden thoughts.
still having a little difficulty settling down.
i thought that the little peace that the pool provided me,
could help me relax and ease the tension in me.
i will call you along the next time i go yeah?
really sorry.

life has been going on as usual for me.
there's not much diff.
it's just that i keep day-dreaming if not thinking.
i dont know where i get all these distractions.
they just come suddenly.
and i'll be thinking bout them and then realising all of a sudden,
that i should not be placing my concentration of these matters.
girl, you've got to wake up.
stop having these stupid little thoughts.
concentrate! get your mind in the right direction.
do the right things at the right time.
speaking of right time.
i hadnt bathe yet since i came up from the pool.
OOPS! hope that the icy water from this midnight bathe,
can wake me up as well.
i've got to stay awake.
plenty lots more thoughts i have to clear.
or i guess i will nv get my concentration heading in the right direction.
so is my revision. got plenty more to go through.
GO GIRL! you can do it.

I'm Moving On Steadily. I Think...

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