5 Adorable Reasons To Get Your Puppies From Pretty Pets Farm

*Warning: Seriously adorable puppy images ahead, PROCEED WITH CAUTION*

Puppies are cute. They are so friggin' cute, that watching videos of them makes us wanna do stupid and impulsive things, like drive to the nearest pet shop and bring a furry fella home. It is my duty to warn you not to because pets are a lifetime commitment, and do always keep in mind that adopting from pet shelters is also an option!

You might wonder, so how does a breeder come into the picture? If there is a specific dog breed that you are looking for but can't seem to find it available at any local pet shelter, start doing your research online and try to get your pup from a responsible breeder vs. a pet shop.

Here are 5 reasons why it is safe to get your new furry family member from Pretty Pets Farm:

#1 | There are good breeders in the world

There are tons of puppy mills haters out there, and hey I totally understand that. I've watched the videos too and damn, they're horrifying. However amidst all the bad reputation for pet breeders, there are some in the world who are genuinely kind-hearted and good, and one of these fine folks would be Pretty Pets Farm.

For a little while, I contemplated getting a corgi pup myself. Unfortunately I wasn't able to obtain permission from my in-laws and hence, the pup has gotta wait for a little while more till I get some space of my own – Bidadari BTO, hurry up already!! I did my research online, looking for places that had corgi pups, and eventually I found this responsible pet farm.

I like their motto,

"We are not the typical breeder, we believe the world doesn't revolve around humans only. We appreciate monies but we are not crazy about it. It's about proper and responsible breeding. It's about upbringing the flawless quality of the animals who partake in your life. We are the new revolution in the breeding society."

– Pretty Pets Farm

And more importantly their love for dogs. I like how they keep their place neat and clean all the time, and are all about hygiene and quality care for the pups and parent dogs. This is how pet breeders should be.

#2 | Know your pup's parentage

When I was choosing my corgi pup, I got to meet both of its parents too! This is a rare opportunity for pet farms – and practically impossible for pet shops – in Singapore.

I got to check the health of both parents, look at the quality of their fur, check how bright their eyes are, interact with them and get a good gauge of their personalities. Both of the corgi parents were wonderful – the mom pretty and kind, the dad masculine and friendly.

#3 | Interact with the pups before buying

Ask to play with a pup in a pet shop? You'd get a big fat NO as your response back. Ask to do that at Pretty Pets Farm and they will be more than happy to carry the pup out for you to interact with – but of course you've got to be sincere in purchasing the pup. (Warning: Puppies are not play-things, so please do treat them with utmost respect!)

At Pretty Pets Farm, they'll teach you how to carry, interact and soothe the puppy. They will gladly answer any questions that you might have. Because of the physical interaction that I had with the corgi pup, I felt safe and secure bringing that little fella home. I had a better judgement of what the pup is like and how the pup felt towards me – y'know, the whole "you choose pet, pet choose you too" sorta theory.

#4 | Give your pup more time with its mom

Dogs learn best by watching other dogs. Research online has shown that a pup that spends more time with its mom, is more likely to be friendlier and more obedient. Pups bought from pet shops tend to be weaned off from their mother at a too-young age, hence they are unable to receive all the nutrients and learn all the appropriate behaviours.

You have the choice to bring your puppy home at two months-old. However I would advise you to consider giving the pup an extra month with its mom to gain more nutrients from its mother's milk and also to learn more manners on how to interact (friendly) with humans.

Pretty Pets Farm provides their puppy owners with the option of leaving the young one there for an additional month at no extra charges. Be sure to discuss and explore this option with the farm owner if you are keen for this!

#5 | Help provided even after bringing the pup home

Unlike pet shops where once you bring the pup home and if there is an issue with the pup, it is your own "daiji" (hokkien translation for "problem to deal with"); Pretty Pets Farm will still be there to help you and provide you with any advice and guidance that you might require.

As mentioned repeatedly, Pretty Pet Farm is a responsible breeder and they know that providing this exclusive service would help to re-assure the owner and ensure a continuity of the best treatment for their dogs. You can feel safe in knowing that help will be provided even after you've brought the pup home!

For more information on Pretty Pets Farm, do check out their Facebook or Instagram. For any enquiries, you can direct it to emailanimalfarm@gmail.com.

Pretty Pets Farm
Address: 10 Pasir Ris Farmway 2, Kennel 4, Singapore 519321
Opening Hours: Weekday (strictly by appointment), Weekends (walk-in viewing is available)
Contact: (+65) 8299 8925

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