6 Best-Sellers That You Should Order When At Dazzling Café Singapore

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A question often posed to me about Dazzling Café — the store famous for its Shibuya Toast and the long queues outside its door — is: "Which items from the menu would you recommend to have?"

Honestly the question is tough (even for my picky tongue) because I have found love for so many of their dishes that it is hard to sieve out which ones that I would recommend my readers to die-die must try!

Not to mention, Dazzling Café is always making an effort to keep in trend with our local festivities by coming up with new dishes to tie in along with the season, such as the collaborated menu between Dazzling Café and Tweety Bird.

So at long last, for all who have gone or have not gone to Dazzling Café Singapore, here is a compiled list of the 6 best-selling items that you should definitely order and post on your Instagram:

#1| Wedding Imperial Tea ($8)

I am not a huge fan of coffee nor milk so this tea set is perfect for me. The Wedding Imperial Tea has a hint of caramelised flavour that deeply attracts me. It is great for soothing the soul, calming the mind and warming the heart.

The ladies can take it with a cube of brown sugar, the gentlemen can choose to have bare. Either way it is a promising tea set, both for your palate and Instagram feed.

#2| Spicy Seafood Tomyam Tomato Spaghetti ($22.90)

*A Singapore Exclusive!*

Now this dish is a definite MUST-TRY because it was specially curated for our local outlet, and you can only find this here in Singapore and no where else in the world!

The pasta was cooked hard instead of al dente (like how I would love to have my spaghetti done), while the sauce was tangy and appetising. Despite the first word in its name "spicy", I found its spiciness level to be tolerable and would rate the level of spice at about 2/5?

The seafood used was fresh and that is a hugeeeee plus for me, because nothing puts me off more than soft and mushy prawns/squids.

#3| Mentaiko Spaghetti in Cream Sauce ($18.90)

A twist on the use of mentaiko and spaghetti; a fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisine.

This pasta might seem ordinary due to the lack of chunky ingredients used, but the flavours of the cream sauce pack a savoury punch with bits of fish roe to keep you enticed! It is one of those noodle dishes that can keep you twisting and slurping all day long!

#4| Mentaiko Fries ($8.90)

Another interesting take on mentaiko with a western dish — I became a huge fan of mentaiko after trying this dish.

I bore a sore throat that day but I couldn't help reaching out for extra servings of these incredibly tasty fries! Who needs chilli sauce with this awesome mentaiko mayonnaise?

Perhaps the next thing that MacDonald's would come up with is mentaiko-flavoured powder for their renown shaker fries?

#5| Mango and Coconut Gelato Honey Toast ($18.90)

Who can say that they have gone to Dazzling Café if they haven't had one of the famous thick-cut toast?

Here is an interesting fusion of mango, coconut and honey together on a crispy Shibuya toast: the outcome is transcendent because the combined flavours would remind one of a day by the beach.

With every bite taken, you would feel like you are back on the sandy beaches of your last vacation at Phuket/Krabi/Bali/Maldives/(insert beach destination).

If you are an office worker in need of a relaxing beach holiday but you're stuck in Singapore due to an overwhelming amount of work, go get this Shibuya toast! I guarantee that it would make you feel a whole lot better.

FYI: The coconut gelato is handmade by the chef in the kitchen because Häagen-Dazs does not offer coconut ice cream. Even more so that you should try this honey toast, yes?

#6| Hazelnut Chocolate Honey Toast ($19.90)

Ooo... I love this honey toast the most! Like all girls, I am a huge fan of chocolate and even more so for hazelnut — because it tastes like chocolate but less sweet and rich.

The best thing however that Dazzling Café did for the dish was to throw in a couple of my favourite fruit, STRAWBERRIES!!!

If you are a huge fan of whip cream, good for you because underneath the huge pile of whip cream is a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream, which would never melt thanks to its protective buddy the whip cream. (Note: Unfortunately, you cannot ask for them to serve without the whip cream because aesthetic means the world to Dazzling Café. Sorry folks!)

Wait.. the excitement isn't over yet. As a means to ensure and to bring out the chocolate flavour of the dish, the chef has painstakingly filled the interior of each bite-sized toast with hazelnut/chocolate! Look at the picture below.

So much love from the chef!! ♥

That brings us to the end of the 6 best-selling items at Dazzling Café Singapore. Go visit them today at:

Dazzling Café Singapore
15 Stamford Road, Capitol Piazza
#01-85, Singapore 178906
Contact: (+65) 6384 3310
Email: savourycreations@hotmail.com
Website: www.dazzlingdazzling.com

Note: This post was kindly sponsored by Dazzling Café Singapore and Access Communications.

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