Fart Tartz Café: The Perfect Flower-Themed Café To Bring Your Girlfriend On A Date!

Fart Tartz Café @ South Bridge Road
150 South Bridge Rd, Fook Hai Building, #01-16, Singapore 058727

Nearest MRT: Chinatown
Contact: (+65) 64932977
Email: enquiry@farttartz.com
Website: http://farttartz.com/branches/southbridgeroad/
Operating hours: Daily (10am-10pm)

First floor of their dining premises

Second floor of their dining premises

Lychee Lemongrass Freeze ($8 for small / $15.90 for large)

Fresh Watermelon Freeze ($8 for small / $15.90 for large)

Butter Bunny Triple Sliders ($13.90)
Grilled butter buns, chicken cutlets, smoked pepper duck, ham & cheese, unsalted butter, lettuce, onions, tomato

Fishy Salmon M&C ($15.90)
Penne, salmon and fish roe with thick cream sauce, baked with three cheeses

Baguette Balls ($9.50)
6 miniature baguette, creamy minced chicken with melted cheese

Peppery Duck Grilled Flatbread Burgers ($13.90)
Pepper mayo, tobiko, mixed greens, authentic black pepper sauce, black pepper duck

Specialty Desserts ($11.90)
Molten Chocolate Lava Cake In A Jar

Rating: 4/5

My two cents:

To all the men out there, I've got your back covered bro!

You no longer have to create a loooonnggg list of dining establishments before a date, and have her (painfully) ticking off each option over the course of 3 hours before she finally makes up her mind on where to eat.

This is one of those cafés where once she steps in, she'd be like...

Aw, honey!

This place is so pretty! How did you find it?

Thanks for bringing me here! *gives a smoochy kiss on your face*

The owners have paid attention to the decor of the café, as well as to their menu. With an interesting variety of Asian-fusion cuisine and fancy desserts, your girl is bound to be wow-ed and would coo over the flavour and finesse of the food.

I would highly recommend you to start the meal with a refreshing mug of Fresh Watermelon Freeze. As for the mains, try out their new dishes: Fishy Salmon M&C and Peppery Duck Grilled Flatbread Burgers. The former is great for cheese lovers, and the latter is perfect for those looking for something "different" to have.

If you are looking for appetisers, the Baguette Balls are a decent choice. Do note that it is advisable to consume it while it is hot, or they might turn tough – and possibly endanger those with weak teeth.

Have a sweet finish to your meal by trying their Specialty Desserts – the molten lava cake is available in either chocolate or matcha. Unlike most lava cakes which are served on plates, Fart Tartz has theirs served in a jar to contain the liquid. This ensures that every bite you take would be a spoonful of rich oozing goodness.

Fart Tartz is now having a 1-for-1 pasta special at this South Bridge Road outlet, the promotion running from 1 Aug - 31 Aug. Check out the latest promotions or lunch set specials on their Facebook page or Instagram.

Note: This post was sponsored by Fart Tartz Café.

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