Hotel Jen Tanglin: Eat Through The Week with A Different Buffet ofCrabs, Lobsters, Beef and More!

J65 Restaurant @ Hotel Jen Tanglin
Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore, level 1
1A Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249716

Nearest MRT: Orchard
Contact: (+65) 6831 4374

Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore is situated at the corner of our popular city district, Orchard. This 4* hotel, part of the Shangri-La group, is now launching a new dining promotion at their J65 restaurant, which allows you to Eat Through The Week with a series of dining options from Monday to Sunday.

Dependent on the day that you choose to visit the restaurant, you will get to experience a different theme buffet experience everyday of the week! From Crab! It's Monday... to Sunday's It's Local!, scroll on to find out the various exciting daily dinner buffet choices.

'Eat Through The Week' Dinner Buffet
The latest dining promotion at J65 restaurant

Crab! It’s Monday...
Starting off with a crab feast on the very first day of the week, Hotel Jen Tanglin celebrates the ending of the worst of the week with Salted Egg Crab, Black Pepper Crab and Homemade Crab Popiah!

Beef Yourself Up!
With the intention to help 'beef' up your Tuesday, there is nothing more manly than a big, beefy steak, so Tuesday is topped off with Roast Rib Eye with Condiments, Authentic Sup Ekor and Beef Rendang Tok. ‘Beer’ Yourself Up with Tiger Beer Draft for just SGD5++!

Lobster Rock ‘n’ Roll
Its hump day and with the week-end on the horizon, you can afford to let your hair down on Wednesday with a Hand Tossed Lobster Roll, Roasted Lobster Bisque and Singapore Lobster Laksa. As per Wednesday night tradition, Ladies can enjoy the first sampler Sangria for free and subsequently, one-for-one Sangria at $14++ the whole night long.

His Majesty the King Prawn
Thursday sees the coronation of the King Prawn, with Baked Sea Salt King Prawns, Claypot Live Prawns in Herbal Broth and Penang Prawn Mee.

Hooked! Seafood Mania
Finally, it’s the week-end! This Friday and Saturday, you deserve to indulge with a night full of fresh seafood including Fin de Claire oysters, lobsters, crabs, prawns and scallops.


Let’s Go Local
Spend a lazy Sunday preparing for the week ahead with our local Singaporean delights such as Lamb Briyani, Chef’s Signature Popiah, Fried Oyster Omelette and Teochew Braised Duck!

Eat Through The Week Buffet Dinner // J65, Level 1 of Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore

Days: Sunday to Thursday
Time: 6pm to 9.30pm
Price: SGD55++/pax

Days: Friday and Saturday
Time: 6pm to 10pm
Price: SGD60++/pax

For reservations, please e-mail at or phone at (+65) 6831 4374

Rating: 4/5

My two cents:

Yes I know I've been introducing a lot of buffets lately and the sequence of today's blog post is a tad more confusing than usual. I thought long and hard before deciding on this current format.

One of the reasons on why I have chosen to share this buffet dinner in this style is due to my desire to spread the wonders of this buffet as well as its interesting concept. This is (so far) the only buffet that I have come across that has decided to challenge its limits by offering a different theme buffet (almost) every single day of the week.

The photos of the dishes that you see above (for each day of the week) are main highlights for each buffet dinner and I've tried them all. They were fantastic and my favourites have got to be Crab! It's Monday... and Wednesday's Lobster Rock and Roll! — my love for crustaceans shall never die!

I attended the food tasting on a Wednesday, and so it means I can share in depth of what the food is like on a Lobster day. Let me take you through it with more photos!

Starting off with some chilled poached lobsters on a bed of ice, how could we miss out on having succulent Boston Lobsters on a Lobster Night? It is a buffet dinner so grab as many as your stomach can fit!

Perhaps some prawns, mussels or crabs instead?

We've also got a DIY Rojak Station that I highly approve and recommend. The rojak prawn paste that they have concocted is THE BOMB! You can mix however you like and your rojak would still taste fantastic!!!

The Rojak

On Lobster Day, the Kueh Pie Tee Station gets an interesting twist: De-shelled half prawns are switched out for shredded lobster meats, just to follow the theme and to add a tinge bit more of sweetness to your local Nyonya delicacy.

Kueh Pie Tee with Lobster Meat

One of the highlights of the night was this bowl of Lobster Laksa Noodles, that was rich in flavour and with a generous half of a lobster and meat dumplings.

Soup of the Day - Lobster Bisque

I had so many bowls of their Lobster Bisque with a few chunks of crispy Croutons and bits of lobster meat within. The Lobster Bisque was so good and flavourful that the staff had to keep bringing the pot back to the kitchen to get it refilled!

Dessert Table


Just a reminder...

Eat Through The Week Buffet Dinner // J65, Level 1 of Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore

Days: Sunday to Thursday
Time: 6pm to 9.30pm
Price: SGD55++/pax

Days: Friday and Saturday
Time: 6pm to 10pm
Price: SGD60++/pax

For reservations, please e-mail at or phone at (+65) 6831 4374

Note: This post was sponsored by Hotel Jen Tanglin.

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