Bejeweled: Shooting Lasers Into My Face For Better Skin And Smaller Pores. Did It Work???

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Alright, so I've had laser shot into my armpits and then my boobs and now my face. Technology will never stop advancing, just like a woman's chase for beauty.

I have to be honest and admit that I have never been a believer of facials. I have been told by tons of female friends (and my aunties) that facials are a MUST for us ladies, or we would develop wrinkles really soon and look haggard and old before others do.

Taking up this sponsorship is like an experiment, to see for myself – as well as to show all of you – if going for a monthly facial session would really help to improve our skin condition. Furthermore, everyone knows that facial treatments are pretty pricey and they can easily go up to a half a thousand per session; and we usually sign up for a package that consists of 6-15 sessions.

Henceforth, IS IT WORTH THE BUCK?????

I am here today to show you the benefits from one of Bejeweled's facial treatment programs, "ICED Dynamic Pulse Light (DPL) Skin Treatment" for $288/session.

ICED DPL Skin Treatments...

Are infused with Vagheggi Oligominerals, which have been used since ancient times and are essential to maintain the delicate water equilibrium in our facial skin and to correct skin physiology.

The treatments also contain Maganese Complex (for countering wrinkles), Aluminium Complex and Ferrum Complex (for impure skin) and Magnesium (for dry skin).

The objective of the treatment is to:
  • Tighten Skin
  • Shrink Pores
  • Reverse Sun Damage and Rough Skin
  • Fade Brown Spot and Freckles
  • Heal Acne and Scars
  • Stimulate Collagen Naturally

Now I should highlight to you that Bejeweled's ICED DPL Skin Treatment involves 17 TREATMENTS in total within a single session. The entire session lasts for about 75-90 minutes.

I'd be insane to describe every treatment to you (because there are so many!!!), so I am breaking it down into three parts: 1) face prepping, 2) main treatments, 3) finishing touches


Welcome and Relax: With Lenitive Essential Oil,
Removing Make-up and Cleansing: With Equilibium Cleansing Milk and Equilibrium Phytogel

Exfoliation: With Equilibrium Jojoba Scrub

Light Extraction

Perfect skin after the extraction! (Fuck you blackheads and whiteheads)


Cold Compress: Paper Mask with Soothing Lotion and Vagheggi Toner

Scalp and Shoulder Massage for 5-8 minutes

Prepping Face with Cooling Gel for DPL Machine

Getting lasers shot into my face! Shrink big pores, SHRINK!!!

Scrubber Machine + Serum/Essence: With Oligomineral and Anion Infusion

Face and Eye Massage: With Primula Face & Body Massage Cream


Refresh and balance pH: With Equilibrium Rebalancing Face Lotion

Hydrate and Protect: Concluding the session with Equilibrium Face Cream + Sunblock SPF 30

Went out later that night with Kaiting and her Fiancé, Ken and Wei Kai

My two cents:

As for now, I can conclude with this facial treatment at Bejeweled that I have seen a difference in my skin. I went home looking all glowy – and with my blackheads gone and smaller facial pores, oh yes! – and the shine has lasted me for about 2 weeks.

I put make-up on a daily basis and occasionally, I do a less-than-perfect job at removing the make-up before turning into bed. That has resulted in some minor pimples forming as the cosmetic seeps into my (big) pores and my skin would in turn put up a protest. This occurrence happens about once every month?

It isn't so terrible that my face is utterly destroyed. However it is pretty annoying and does create some inconvenience as more time has to be poured into colour-correcting the problematic areas, so that my face can look as flawless as it can be.

After the facial treatment, I haven't had that problem for two months now. Perhaps I have been doing a better and more careful job at removing my make-up these days... (perhaps!) Nonetheless I would not want to discredit Bejeweled's facial treatment in helping me to minimise my pores and for the glowy skin that lasted for awhile after the facial session.

I am due to go back for my second session and would continue to do so for another 4 more times. This experiment will go on for approximately 6 months, where I will put Bejeweled's facial treatment to the test and give my eventual verdict. Till then, I am loving the facial sessions! More updates soon.

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P/S: Bejeweled is also responsible for the pretty nails that I am wearing these days!!

P/S/S: Read here for an update on the progress of this facial treatment

Note: This post was sponsored by Bejeweled.

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