9 Pro Tips That Would Help You To Catch 'Em All In Pokémon Go

9 pro tips pokemon go

Pokémon Go has just been unleashed in Singapore and before the nation gets divided into 3 coloured teams, here are 9 tips that will teach you on how to hatch an egg faster, catch a pokémon easier and level up faster.

Now go on out of house and be the very best, like no one ever was!

#1 | Watch for the crowd

Pokemon Go3

When you see groups of people huddling in a corner with their phones out, there is a 80% chance that lure has been applied to a nearby pokéstop. Hence, my advice? Whip your phone out and drop the groups. #wegottacatchemall

#2 | The longer your flick, the further your pokéball flies

Pokemon Go
The same pokémon might not have the same distance away

The theory is simple: a short flick equates to the pokéball being flung a shorter distance, and a longer flick means being flung a longer distance. If you fail to judge the distance and utilise the right flick, the chance of capture is 0. Therefore when you fail to catch your pokémon despite attaining a small circle, try varying the length of your flick.

#3 | AR mode gives you a better clarity on depth

Pokemon Go2
Flying pokémons tend to be harder to judge in its depth

Albeit AR mode depletes your battery life faster, it is useful when capturing a tough pokémon. AR mode gives a better view of how far the pokémon is and how long your flick should be.

#4 | Fighting gym battles

Pokemon Go Gym Battle

Make up your own team of 6 pokémons to participate in a gym battle. Swipe left or right for your pokémon to dodge your enemy's attack, and tap (rapidly) on the opposing party to attack.

Participating in a gym battle will yield you these rewards:
  • Defeat a Pokémon in Training at a Gym - 50exp
  • Battle a Pokémon Trainer at a Gym - 100exp
  • Defeat a Pokémon Trainer at a Gym - 150exp

Battling a gym would also help your team to gain prestige points that would in turn help in raising your team's prestige level. A higher prestige level would allow more pokémons to be assigned to the gym, thus preventing rival teams from defeating your team's gym easily.

#5 | How to hatch your egg faster

Pokemon Go Egg Incubator

The incubator works by taking a GPS location snapshot once every few minutes of continuous gameplay. The incubator would then measure the distance between the two GPS points, hence deriving the distance covered. Thus travelling in a straight line is a trick to maximise the distance recorded on your incubator!

#6 | Walking while activating Incense would spawn pokémon faster

Photo 7-8-16, 00 18 08

The gate coding data has shown that activating Incense while you are stationary at home might help to generate some pokémons. However the rate of spawning is affected by your rate of movement. A stationary person would yield a spawn rate of about 1 Pokémon per 5 minutes whilst a person that is moving (normal walking speed) might get a spawn rate of up to 1 Pokémon per minute or once every 200m.

#7 | Playing in a group maximises pokémon spotting

Ghastly Pokemon Go

The game's GPS is not entirely accurate as you might have experienced the process of staying beside the actual physical location of a pokéstop (monument etc) with the game showing otherwise.

This is a good reason to grab a bunch of friends to maximise your coverage. Having a group would expand your collective vision and reduce the fog of war. Thus if someone spots a rare pokémon, the entire group can collectively move in the right direction to capture it together.

#8 | A map that shows all the pokéstops in Singapore

ingress map

Ingress is the forefather of Pokémon Go and its portal locations are the backbone of Pokémon Go's infrastructure. About half of Ingress’ portals eventually became the gyms and Pokéstops in Pokémon Go. You may wish to refer to https://www.ingress.com/intel when planning your next Pokémon Go adventure.

#9 | The ultimate strategy to chiong your level fast fast

Pokemon Go Pidgey Stats

Pokémons such as Pidgey, Weedle and Caterpie are extremely common and you should catch them all. These 3 pokémons only requires 12 candies for an evolution, and each evolution yields 500exp.

When coupled with a lucky egg, you would get a whooping 1000 exp per evolution. So accumulate and maximise the number of Pidgey, Weedle and Caterpie, to evolve away for rapid levelling.

Higher levels give you accesss to stronger tools such as Razz Berries (to improve capture chance) and better balls – Great Ball (unlocked at level 12), Ultra Ball (unlocked at level 20), Master Ball (unlocked at level 30).

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