Dazzling Café Pink: Serving Boston Lobster Capellini, Pan-Seared Canadian Scallops and More Dazzling Entrées!

Dazzling Café Pink @ Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road, Orchardgateway, #01-12, Singapore 238858

Nearest MRT: Somerset
Contact: (+65) 6385 3639
Website:Dazzling Cafe Pink

Beetroot Parma Ham Salad
Beetroot and Parma Ham Salad ($14.90)
Mixed mesclun salad, tossed with lemon dressing, topped with cherry tomato, croutons,
parmesan cheese, italian parsley, bacon bits and herb marinated oven roasted chicken thigh

Pan Seared Scallops
Pan Seared Canadian Scallop and Parma Ham ($17)
Pan-seared scallop, pea purée, quinoa, crispy parma ham, trout roe

Duck Confit Burger
Duck Confit Burger ($24.90)
Brioche, lettuce, black truffle, argula, balsamic onion, duck leg confit, camembert cheese, truffle honey, straight cut fries

Duck Confit Burger
You can see every shredded strand of duck meat within the duck confit patty

Lobster Capellini
Lobster Cold Capellini ($26.90)
Cold capellini, marinated with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, white pepper, chives, poached lobster tail in butter, mentaiko mayo, basil powder, salmon roe, micro herbs

Dazzling Cafe Matcha Azuki Beans Waffle
Matcha Waffle With Azuki Beans ($14.90)
Häagen-Dazs matcha ice cream, matcha powder, almond flakes, snow powder, strawberry, maple syrup, condensed milk

A light touch of maple syrup on the matcha waffle

Dazzling Cafe Matcha Waffles

Cutting open the waffle to discover mochi being embedded into the waffle mix

Rose Latte
Rainbow Rose Latte ($8)

Black Monster Milkshake
Black Monster Vanilla Milkshake ($10)

Pink Unicorn Milkshake
Pink Unicorn Strawberry Milkshake ($10)

Rating: 4/5

My two cents:

Whenever I mention 'Dazzling Cafe', the immediate response that I get is:

Oh, that place that sells thick toast and has really long queues!

Yes, Dazzling Cafe sells thick toasts BUT not only just that. The cafe has placed a substantial amount of effort into perfecting their dining menu which serves appetisers and main dishes that are as elegant as the desserts.

The Beetroot and Parma Ham Salad is one of the most unique and exquisite salads that I have ever had! Instead of the usual red beetroot that we are accustomed to, the chef has chosen to use pickled golden beetroot as it is sweeter and less harsh in its "veggie" flavour. It is a nice appetiser to start as the dish is a combination of salty, sweet and sour!

As for the Pan-Seared Canadian Scallop and Parma Ham... I was pleasantly surprised at the use of Canadian scallops rather than the usual Hokkaido Scallops. Shared by the chef, Canadian Scallops tend to be bigger in size and has a softer texture. The perfectly scallops was a joy to have with the green pea purée, quinoa and dash of tobiko!

This Duck Confit Burger has got to be one of the most sinfully delicious burgers ever! The moment that the burger was set down on the table, we were hit by waves of the alluring truffle smell. The chef took note of every small detail, from the initial hit of truffle to the immediate transition to the savoury flavour of camembert cheese, the juicy flavours from the duck confit, the earthiness from the mushrooms, and the gentle tinge of sweetness from the truffle honey... then everything converges and ends with the lingering fragrance of truffle on the tip of your tongue.

If my mind was not already blown away by the Duck Confit Burger, their Lobster Cold Capellini did right just that! The refreshing pasta was a delight to have in the hot weather. Furthermore the umami-inducing mentaiko mayonnaise held perfectly together the butter poached Boston lobster tail with the intricately-marinated capellini.

Instead of having Dazzling Cafe's Honey Toast yet again, why not try their Matcha Waffle with Azuki Beans ? It does not shy in quality, flavour or texture from their popular Honey Toast. In fact if you aren't one for sweet things and whip cream, then this would be a brilliant option to go for! I like the play of crunchy almond flakes with the sweet-earthy flavour of azuki beans, topped with the surprise mochi bits embedded into parts of the crispy matcha waffle!

Dazzling Cafe Pink has its own variety of creative beverages, such as their Rainbow Latte or milkshakes. What astonished me the most was the price of the milkshakes – Black Monster and Pink Unicorn – as both are priced at only just $10!!! The amount of effort that goes into building each milkshake is unbelievable as the M&M chocolates are carefully stuck upon receiving the order (or the sugar coating on the M&M chocolate would melt) and the same goes for the Froot Loops cereal.

It is always a delight dining in the casual yet elegant ambience at Dazzling Café Pink. For more information on the latest promotions or offers at Dazzling Cafe Pink, check out their Facebook or Instagram page.

Note: This post was sponsored by Dazzling Café Pink.

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