Uncle Leong Signatures: The Best Of The Best Seafood Dishes Is Now At Punggol Waterway

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Uncle Leong Signatures
83 Punggol Central, Waterway Point East Wing
#B1-21, Singapore 828761

Nearest MRT: Punggol
Contact: (+65)6385 9989
Website: http://www.uncleleongsignatures.com/
Operating hours: Mon-Sun (11am to 11pm)

The name "Uncle Leong Signatures" might sound a tad familiar to you, and the reason for that is because it is the third outlet to be born from the popular seafood restaurant, Uncle Leong Seafood.

Uncle Leong Seafood first began in a modest coffeeshop in Ang Mo Kio. It has since expanded and planted its roots in two different towns in Singapore, as well as in the hearts of our local residents.

Uncle Leong Signatures is the latest establishment from this family-owned restaurant chain, and will be presenting the essence of all the three outlets, serving the very best of the best from their menu to the fortunate residents of Punggol.

The environment at Uncle Leong Signature is different from its brother outlets as it has a more westernised interior that resembles a café, so as to invoke a more comfortable ambience. The menu concept also takes on a more café style thus reducing the waiting time to about 15 minutes upon order.

Now, Uncle Leong Signatures is proud to present their new menu, along with some special creations in lieu of Father's Day, read on to find out more.

Treasure Box Beancurd 宝盒豆腐 ($16.90)
*New Menu*

Fried egg tofu stuffed with bits of squid and prawn, topped with a sprinkle of shallots for garnishing and additional taste. Simple but promising.

Twin Taste Kai Lan 双味芥兰 ($15.90)

The taste and texture of a simple stir-fry Kai Lan is elevated when consumed with their shredded deep-fried Kai Lan topped with meat floss.

Cereal Chicken 麦片鸡 ($16.90)
*New Menu*

As if cereal prawns and cereal fish isn't awesome enough, Uncle Leong Signatures throws in another cereal dish that promises to blow minds and appease palates. This dish is crispy, savoury, sweet, juicy (from the chicken meat)... you gotta try it to fall in love with it.

XO Sauce With Scallops XO 酱带子 ($19.90)
*Father's Day Menu Special*

Big juicy scallops tossed in XO sauce to enhance the sweet natural flavour of this seafood.

Pan Fried Prawns in Tomato Soya Sauce 干煎虾禄 ($19.90)
*New Menu*

Consuming shelled prawns is always a messy affair, but trust me when I say that it is totally worth getting your hands dirty for this dish. This dish had a mix of savoury and tangy flavour, with a tinge of natural sweetness from the use of fresh prawns.

Nescafe Pork Ribs 传统咖啡排骨 ($16.90)
*Father's Day Menu Special*

The pork ribs were well-marinated with savoury flavours and you could also taste a strong hint of coffee with every bite taken. You'll get a umami rush from consuming this dish!

Crispy Milk Granules Marble Goby 奶沙顺壳 ($48)
*Father's Day Menu Special*

They weren't kidding when they said "crispy". The bits of fish meat has to be consumed together with the gravy, so as to best taste the flavours of this dish.

Shimmering Sand Crab 金沙螃蟹 ($70)

Buttermilk with a pinch of white pepper salt topped with some deep-fried cereal to give this amazing crab dish a creamy flavour that is great for non-spicy eaters.

Signature Curry Crab 招牌咖喱螃蟹 ($70)
*New Menu*

Do take caution that this dish is pretty spicy! The curry sauce can be a tad salty when consumed alone, thus it is best to mix the gravy in with white rice or deep fried man tou.

With that said, I have no desire for the salt level used in the curry to be adjusted. I can understand the chef's decision for a saltier curry; it is necessary in order to bring out the natural sweet flavours of the crab meat.

Rating: 4.5/5

My two cents:

I am a sucker for seafood, especially crabs.

The two main factors to win me over during a seafood meal is: 1) fresh ingredients, 2) good marination/balance of sauces and herbs.

I am pleased to announce that Uncle Leong Signatures has not disappointed me at all. My favourite dishes out of the mix were "Crispy Milk Granules Marble Goby", "Nescafe Pork Ribs" and "Signature Curry Crab".

This restaurant is the latest creation from the award-winning family-owned F&B business chain, which includes the likes of Uncle Leong Seafood, Mellben Signatures and Mellben Seafood. With support from that many sister and brother outlets and years of history in the food industry, it is practically impossible for Uncle Leong Signatures to go wrong.

I am glad that after so many years of having Uncle Leong Seafood, they have finally created a signature version that serves their beloved signature Chinese dishes using the finest quality ingredients with a pinch of friendliness, and a little twist in the menu — so as to differ itself from its brother outlet, Uncle Leong Seafood.

In celebration of Father's Day, Uncle Leong Signatures will be offering three "Hero" menus starting from 1st June to 19th June 2016.

The first Father's Day menu is titled "Feasting with our Hero, Dad!" and will be priced at $338++ for up to 7pax. This menu will include Fried Garlic Cheesy Crab, Crab Shark Fin Soup, Indonesian Fried Marble Goby, Soy Sauce Baked Prawns, XO Sauce Assorted Clams, Nescafe Pork Ribs, Fragrance Seafood Fried Rice and Longan Sea Coconut.

The second Father's Day menu is titled "Indulge yourself, Dad, our HERO!" and will be priced at $588++ for up to 10 pax. This menu includes their signature Chilli Crab, Butter Cheesy Crab, Dried Scallops Crab Shark Fin Soup, Hong Kong Steamed Red Garoupa, Twin Taste Prawns, Herbal Cuisine Deep Fried Chicken, XO Sauce Assorted Clams, Crab Meat Fragrance Fried Rice and Yam Paste.

The third Father's Day menu is titled "The Grand Hero Spread! and is priced at $888++ for up to 14 pax. The menu will include Shimmering Sand Crab, Signature Curry Crab, Salted Egg Crab, Braised Abalone with Mushroom, Red Garoupa with Steamed Chye Poh, Soy Sauce Baked Prawns, Herbal Cuisine Chicken, Twin Taste Kai Lan, Guinness Pork Ribs, XO Sauce Assorted Clams and Yam Paste.

To make reservations for the Father's Day menu, call (+65)6385 9989.

For the latest update on promotions run by Uncle Leong Signatures, check out their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram @uncleleongsignatures.