Fart Tartz Café: The Unique Garden-Themed Café Serving Food In Jars At Singapore Expo

fArt tArtz
1 Expo Drive, Singapore Expo
Max Atria Level 2, Singapore 486150

Nearest MRT: Expo
Email: enquiry@farttartz.com
Website: http://www.farttartz.com
Operating hours: Mon-Thurs (9am to 6pm); Fri-Sun (9am to 8pm)

Goldie Egg Chix Flatbread ($15.90)
An oriental palatable entrée: Golden chicken chunks topped with house-made salted egg sauce, sandwiched between two crispy flatbreads

Chilled Chyepoh Capellini ($12.90)
Chilled pasta topped with savoury chyepoh and sweet bak kwa, with a dash of spring onions and sesame seeds

Phanaeng Kari Pasta ($13.90
An ambrosial thai-inspired pasta with a mild fusion curry base, topped with sautéed chickn chunks and seethed with kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, herbs and spices

No-Bake Desserts

Hand crafted No-Bake desserts from the heart.
Healthier creations made without compromising on taste.
Simple goodness with a perfect balance on sweetness and flavour.
A kitchen of love that adheres to the philosophy of using only the freshest quality ingredients.

From Left to Right: "Chocolate Banana", "Thai Milk Tea", "Sea Salt Nutella"

Chocolate Banana Tart ($6.80)

Thai Milk Tea Tart ($6.80)

Sea Salt Nutella Tart ($6.80)

Rating: 4.1/5

My two cents:

This café is one which I can truly say that I have seen it grow. My first visit to the cafe was in June 2014, and after a few months I was invited back again to try out more of their then-latest creations.

From then till now, I have popped by a couple of times when I am in the vicinity to enjoy a good cup of tea and a nice jar of dessert. This place has always felt like 'home' – not due to my familiarity with it but rather because of its good interior design that manages to invoke a sense of comfort and relaxation within me.

Fart Tartz has kept itself up-to-date in the latest food trends by creating their own rendition of the latest food craze (with a little twist). Featured in this post is a few of their latest creations and out of the mix, my favourites would be "Goldie Egg Chix Flatbread", "Chilled Chyepoh Capellini" and "Sea Salt Nutella Tart".

The chef of Fart Tartz has paid special details to the salted egg sauce used in the "Goldie Egg Chix Flatbread" and has opted to make the sauce herself instead of buying the premade ones available for purchase in the market. As a result, you can taste the grainy texture of salted egg yolk as well as the rich authentic flavours emanating from the sauce.

As for the "Chilled Chyepoh Capellini", I had doubts about it when I first saw it on the menu. I mean c'mon man... who would think of having chyepoh with pasta, and having it served chilled?! Nonetheless this chilled pasta has been a refreshing treat, which got me sending forkful after forkful of pasta straight into my mouth. If you are a fan of chilled pasta, you should definitely try this out!

The "Sea Salt Nutella Tart" is made for nutella lovers. With large chunks of finger biscuits, you can easily spoon mouthfuls of creamy nutella topped with crumbled biscuits straight into your mouth. If you are worried about it being too sweet, fret not as the owner has added granules of sea salt to combat the sugar level of this sweet treat! This tart-in-jar is bound to send you straight to nutella heaven!

Don't forget to pay them a visit whenever you are at Singapore Expo, and if you are an Eastie, there is lesser of a reason for you to not visit Fart Tartz Café!

Get the latest update on their menu through their Facebook page or feed your eyes with their latest food creation on Instagram.

Note: This post was kindly sponsored by Fart Tartz Café.

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