MKUP: The Perfect Oil Control Cushion To Wear In Singapore

Looking for a cushion foundation fit for wear in Singapore, but can never seem to find a suitable one? Look no further because MKUP's got what you have been searching high and low for!

MKUP Flawless Perfect Glow (Oil Control) Cushion Foundation is suitable for those with acne-prone skin and require a little extra to keep their facial oil in check. Their 5D Illuminating Primer is inspired by the Northern Lights and when used as a highlighter, it gives a subtle natural glow to the cheekbones and nose bridge to help accentuate your facial features!

Read on to find out more about the coverage, effectiveness and wear-time.

MKUP Flawless Perfect Glow (Oil Control) Cushion Foundation
MKUP Flawless Perfect Glow Oil Control Cushion Foundation in Light Beige

MKUP Flawless Perfect Glow (Oil Control) Cushion Foundation
Price: $35.90
Packaging: Sleek
Coverage: Medium-high
Texture: Light
Effectiveness: Good
Wear-time: 6 hours with no touch-up

I finally found an oil control cushion foundation that I can wear in Singapore, I am so frigging happy! Before I continue, let's set some things straight: there is a distinct difference between "dewy" and "oil explosion", with the former being what kbeauty-lovers should be gunning for!

(Aka don't tryna bluff me and say your oily face is "well-moisturised" -_-)

For myself, with the use of some BB cream and no mattifying powder, my face can keep things in check for about 2-3 hours before powdered blotting papers are required. If I were to use a cushion foundation, it can at best sustain for about 1 1/2 hour, then things start to become streaky/patchy and I've gotta pull out the cushion for a quick touch-up.

With the MKUP Flawless Perfect Glow (Oil Control) Cushion Foundation, my face lasted for about 5-6 hours without any touch-up. It is by far, one of the best that I have tried and I am not saying this just because my product was sponsored – their oil control cushion foundation really works!!

After 6 hours of wear time, I noticed some slight greasing only on my nose, which is a far cry from the usual "cheek and nose both also super greasy" sort of situation. There were no patches or cracks on my face, the foundation felt light on my face and looked absolutely natural.

My personal preference is to apply it using a dampened makeup sponge, I feel that it helps to spread the product better and the application time is being cut by half, as compared to using the puff that was included in the cushion case.

MKUP 5D Illuminating Primer
MKUP 5D Illuminating Primer

MKUP 5D Illuminating Primer
Price: $28.90
Packaging: Chic
Texture: Light, close to creamy
Effectiveness: Above average
Wear-time: 5 hours with no touch-up

A good primer is always essential, to help prolong wear of your foundation and to enhance its effectiveness. In this case, that is what the 5D Illuminating Primer did! Inspired by the Northern Lights, this primer allows foundation to glide on easily for a long-wearing oil-free effect.

It also has a five-dimensional violet light-reflecting pigment that can create a 3D face through the reflection of light from all angles. The Illuminating Primer also has several other colour pigments like Icy Blue and Ruby Red, to help purify dull skin and neutralise any yellow skin tone to give the appearance of bright and luminous skin.

I doubled it up and used it as a highlighter, the light reflecting pigments provided a natural strobing effect on the high-points of my face (ie. cheek bones and nose bridge) upon application.

If you are keen to get this product but don't know where to, here is a list:

Note: Reviewed products were kindly sponsored by OhWow.

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