Brother Bird Café: Your Back-To-Basic Dessert Café Serving Artisanal Soft-Serve Ice Cream With Donuts

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Brother Bird Café
30 Bali Lane, Stateland Café
Singapore 189866

Nearest MRT: Bugis
Contact: (+65) 9800 7628
Operating hours: Daily except Tuesday, 12pm to 10pm

Pumpkin Pie Soft Serve With Matcha and White Chocolate Burst ($15)

Cookie Butter Soft Serve With Raspberry and Rose Flavour Burst ($15)

Rating: 3.9/5

My two cents:

Brother Bird is a quaint dessert café – famous for their eccentric "shit"-looking soft serve ice cream (no pun intended) – located within the same premises as Stateland Café along Bali Lane.

The unique appearance of their soft serve began when the owners decided to stray away from the usual star tip nozzle and opted for a circular one instead; that decision led to their current signature soft serve look.

To keep themselves competitive in the fierce F&B industry, Brother Bird would invest and create new flavours every 3 months and what you see above is their latest flavours. Out of the two that I have tried, I can't help but to lean towards their "Cookie Butter Soft Serve With Raspberry and Rose Flavour Burst".

Cookie butter soft serve is all the rage now, not only at Brother Bird but at other cafés too. The taste of such ice cream is similar to speculoos spread. Anyone who is a fan of the popular caramel biscuit/sauce sold at llaollao would fancy this ice cream as well! As for the raspberry and rose burst mochi donut, it oozes out a raspberry filling (when cut) and the berry flavour complements really well with their cookie burst ice cream.

I would consider the "Pumpkin Pie Soft Serve With Matcha and White Chocolate Burst" to be one of an acquired taste. The pumpkin flavoured soft serve is rich in flavour and contained a tinge of natural sweetness from the fruit. As for the matcha and white chocolate burst, unfortunately I could not taste any white chocolate due to the overpowering presence of the matcha.

Do note that when I tried the pumpkin pie soft serve, the owner was still using locally-produced pumpkins. As of now, the pumpkins used in the soft serve are imported from Japan, thus you can expect more sweetness from the current batch of pumpkin soft serve.

I would highly recommend this dessert café to anyone who is looking for an interesting place serving unique desserts, and it would be best to go during weekday late afternoons if you should wish to avoid battling a crowd.