Meet & Melt: The Hidden Gem Dessert Café In Tampines Which You Never Knew About

Meet & Melt
Blk 915 Tampines Street 91
#01-49, Singapore 520915

Nearest MRT: Tampines
Contact: (+65)9185 8173
Operating hours: Tue-Fri (3pm-11pm); Sat-Sun (2pm-11pm)

Kinder Bueno Mint Chocolate Milkshake ($14.90)

The "Kinder Bueno Mint Chocolate Milkshake" is specially dedicated from Mr Chan to his endearing wife.

On a hot sunny day, while Mrs Chan was complaining about the terrible weather, she craved for something minty and cold.
Mr Chan looked into Meet & Melt's kitchen & voila, out came this creation!

He served it to her like how he does for every one of their customers... slowly, steadily and lovingly.
He stacks them up nicely, drawing, creaming and decorating it.

A good 20 mins spent was proof of a husband's love to his wife of 35 years.

He has never given her flowers or presents nor do they often celebrate their anniversaries, but his romantic gesture was sufficient in expressing his loving passion for his wife.

Green Tea Toast ($12.90)

Black Charcoal Waffle with Salted Egg Sauce & Salted Egg Ice Cream ($11.90)

Rating: 3.8/5

My two cents:

I have been to a fair number of dessert places thus far, but I have never met one as welcoming and loving as Meet & Melt. This dessert café is a humble family-owned business located in the heartland of Tampines.

The café has a modest décor which strays from the usual minimalistic modern vibe that most cafés would exude; it isn't eye-catching but the food is most definitely inviting. Their homemade ice creams, waffles & shibuya toasts have been made to be suitable for the very young to the very old.

It all began with the two owners, Mr and Mrs Chan, both who are loving grandparents and wanted to share their love for desserts with their young grandson. Instead of purchasing the supermarket-bought ice cream, they went onto research and create their own desserts, made using quality ingredients and thus ensuring that it is a healthier choice!

Eventually their passion for creating desserts led to the opening of "Meet & Melt", which is now a favourite dessert place for families and friends (who know about the place) to gather and bond.

I was impressed by the quality of their ice cream and could barely believe that all which I have eaten were made from their kitchen. The ice cream was rich in flavour and fresh – you've never had ice cream until you have ever eaten them fresh!

Their shibuya toast was thick and savoury (unlike the usual sweet toast that I've had) as the inside of each toast cube was carefully and meticulously coated with butter. Each cube was crispy but yet soft and moist on the inside.

When consuming their "Green Tea Toast", do note to consume a little of everything on the plate with each mouthful as they aren't just there for decoration. The azuki beans would help to balance the sweet nature of the dessert. The marshmallow is to help invoke a Japanese vibe as it is the country of origin for green tea. The cornflakes are there to give an added crunch to each bite!

As for the "Black Charcoal Waffle with Salted Egg Sauce & Salted Egg Ice Cream", wow! It can perhaps be a tad overkill with both the salted egg sauce and salted egg ice cream, but the combination leads to a strong punch in the salted egg flavour which would remind you of salted egg crabs!

If you are looking for a minty refreshing drink, do try their "Kinder Bueno Mint Chocolate Milkshake". The drink is a masterpiece on its own with the stacking of each layer of treats.

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