The Old Malaya Cafe

Quick food entry today because this is an eatery that is easy to locate, especially for those living in the area of Tampines.


I know I owe you girls a blog entry on the slimming patches which I have mentioned about in one of my previous post (Click 'here' to read it!) and that entry is on its way!! I am terribly sorry for the delay!

I am currently having my clinical attachment and next week is my last week! (THANK GOD FOR THAT!) I can't wait to get back to blogging on a more frequent basis!

My clinical attachment has been usurping my time like nobody's business. Going for a clinical attachment is like school + work at the same time! Double the stress, triple the fatigue!

To make up for the delay, I have a couple more goody slimming tips and tricks to share with you girls! So just hang in there and give me another week, ok? (:


Back to my food entry, I wanted to share this because I quite like this eatery, and it is not too bad a place to have a quick meal?

I rate this place 7/10

The Old Malaya Cafe

Because I was starving, I decided to order an appetiser before my main meal was served.

I settled my mind on Kueh Pie Tee - a popular Peranakan dish.

The cup that is used to fill the yummy ingredients within it, is made out of flour and then deep-fried. Although it looks really simple and plain, it is the crux of this dish as without it, it just wouldn't taste the same.

The filling is usually a sweet mixture of shredded Chinese turnips and carrots, and blanched prawns.

I have eaten before, Kueh Pie Tee which have a dash of peanuts, therefore if you have an allergy of peanuts, do check with the staff if they add peanuts in their Kueh Pie Tee. If they do, you can request for them to not add peanuts into your order, and usually they will oblige to your request.

This one does not have peanuts, so people with peanut allergy, you can eat in peace!

As you can see from the picture, two of the Kueh Pie Tee in the background are lacking of prawns!!! That's because Rod is allergic to prawns, hence I ate it for him. More prawns for me! Yay!

They added a bit of chilli for their Kueh Pie Tee and I didn't quite like it. Probably because I'm not a chilli person.

In my opinion, the chilli paste was a tad too overpowering and I suppose the dish would taste better without the chilli. For me, original is the way to go!

Next up, we have Pontian Wanton noodles!

I'm a picky eater when it comes to wanton noodles! Be it with soup, or without. My preference would be having my noodles dry because I fancy savoury tastes.

For me, a good bowl of wanton noodles would mean the perfect blend of sauces, the noodles not being soft and mushy, the wanton does not have the overpowering taste of flour and the filling is generous and has been marinated well.

I hate it when I order wanton noodles and then I've got to pick on which kind of wanton I want, deep-fried or boiled. I'm like, "Why do you have to make me choose?!!"

If I pick one, then I get to miss out on trying how the other tastes like! URRGH!

Old Malaya Cafe is awesome, it gave me both options without even asking me! #imahappygirl #imagluttonsowhat

For that I rate this bowl of wanton noodles, 9/10. It is one of the better wanton noodles that I've ever eaten.

Lastly, Chicken Macaroni soup.

This is for the healthy people who want a healthier option. I know that the sight of fried shallots screams "UNHEALTHY"!!! Hence, if you don't want it, just ask the staff not to add it in.

This chicken macaroni soup is not too shabby itself. A good chicken broth, with supple, tender, juicy bits of chicken added in, and a generous portion of macaroni given, it makes a fine meal that is sure to fill your tummy!

I rate this, 8/10.


This is just a really short food entry that I have been composing for weeks but haven't ever had the time to finish writing it because of the total lack of time and that I have so many other blog entries lined up which are waiting to be shared with all of you!

The other blog entries which will be uploaded subsequently over the next few weeks include the topics on food, beauty products (such as cosmetics and slimming tricks) and apparels!

As compared to my blog, I am a tad more active on instagram so if anything, just find me there! I am contemplating on creating an account on because it would be so much easier for any of you to ask me questions on any of my blog entries (if you have any) or to simply just reach out to me (I promise that I am really friendly and I don't bite!)

So let me know on what you think!

Cya next week! XOXO

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