IUIGA: Decorating My Living Quarters With Instagram-Worthy, Minimalistic Homewares

Pencil Striped Quilt Cover Set
(IUIGA pricing: $59.90, Normal Retailers pricing: $128)

Sleek and Minimalism, are the two descriptive terms that come to our mind when we talk about decorating our living quarters. After all that is the trend these days isn't it?

If I could afford it, I would purchase all of my household items from Muji or Marks & Spencer – gotta love the talent of those Swedish and Japanese designers! Sadly though, my budget does not allow such a luxury. Or at least it didn't ... until I was introduced to IUIGA.

IUIGA, is an e-commerce site which directly gathers quality home-wares from brand manufacturers, that are then sold to consumers at a fraction of its "branded" price. Wouldn't you like to purchase a Samsonite luggage at a quarter of its retail price? Read on to find out more.

Jujube Japanese Cup
(IUIGA pricing: $5.90, Normal Retailers pricing: $9.90)
Scandi Beech Wood Plate
(IUIGA pricing: $11.90, Normal Retailers pricing: $20.90)

IUIGA was founded based on the notion, "Why pay so much for quality?"

The folks at IUIGA scour the globe to find life-improving products that are designed to last.

They work with the best undiscovered brand manufacturers – the very same ones that produce the favourite designer brand goods you love, ie. Samsonite, Muji – and to bring those goods to you. At only a fraction of its branded price.

Heatproof Glass Coffee Cup
(IUIGA pricing: $6.50, Normal Retailers pricing: $12)
Heatproof Glass Saucer
(IUIGA pricing: $7.80, Normal Retailers pricing: $16)

Through the process, traditional brand premiums are cut out. The savings found are then passed onto you.

IUIGA believes in complete transparency, and so you'll get to know a break-down of each item's price. They will show you how much it costs to make those products, and the profit that IUIGA gets from the sale.

It is important to them that you know how much quality truly costs. (Click here for an example of a cost break-down)

Set of 4 Tableware
(IUIGA pricing: $49.80, Normal Retailers pricing: $129)

There is a myriad of items to buy on IUIGA. Perhaps it is time for some new bedsheets and bath towels from the Home & Living section, or how about some new instagram-worthy tea and coffee cups from the Kitchenware page.

Explore the Travel section for a brand new Samsonite luggage, as well as the Accessories or Apparels pages.

Just for you only, register an account using my referral link and enjoy a $10 discount when you check out your cart.

In addition, you get to have 15% off your first IUIGA purchases when you key in the promo code [SOPHLEOW]. (Valid till 30 December 2017)

Have fun shopping (and saving) on IUIGA!

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