This Tuesday

This Tuesday.. I have a verbal test.

In my course, we call it VIVA VOCE (pronounced as vī-və-ˈvō sē).

The meaning is "by word of mouth". It sounds so latin that when I heard it the very first time, I told my friends.. "Vi-what?"

Gone are the days when verbal tests are known as "oral (exam)". I guess that is what happens when you grow up. Things become more chim and more complex, even though it is actually something really simple and straightforward. Could it be because as we grow up, we prefer more complicated things to show that we can deal with the complexity and the ability to manage it gives one a sense of accomplishment?

Speaking about growing up, I was hit by a sudden realisation today.

When was the last time you had...

One of this?

I had my most recent one yesterday.

The afternoon weather was a killer and after having had my lunch outside, I decided to buy one to lick at as I walked home. It tasted.. awesome, like always.

It was cooling, refreshing, simple, sweet and super vanilla-y (I ran out of vocabulary terms! OOPS HAHA!)

Anyway as I walked home, licking my melting vanilla ice-cream, I realised that this cone of ice-cream no longer costs 50¢. Well I know that the MacDonalds in my school is still selling this ice-cream at that price, but well.. that is the only place that I know.

This vanilla cone now costs 70¢. Even ice-cream also kena inflation man!

Not to mention tissue paper sold by the elderly at public places such as the MRT stations.. It used to be $1 for 3 packets. These days, some elderly sell 3 packs of tissue for $2.

Before someone misunderstands me and creates a ruckus due to the misconception, let me make my words a little clearer.

I don't blame the elderly for raising the price of the tissue packs that they sell. I understand why they do it. It's hard to live in Singapore these days. This tiny little island that holds a population of 5.4 million people (as of June 2013) is the 7th most expensive country in the world to live in according to Expatistan's latest cost of living index for the year 2014.

FYI I do not know how reliable Expatistan's data/analysis is. It was the first search result that I got off Google and I am far too tired and lazy to look for more reliable data sources on the internet.

Times have really changed. Have my beloved nation grew at a pace too rapid for its people to handle? #foodforthought

Anyway, if you wanna catch more of my blogging, I write on Dayre too → (click 'here' for link!)

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