Chillax night

It has been a long time since I've felt so chillax. As in genuinely chillax.

It is probably because I have completed (in advance) all the things that I have assigned myself to do by the end of this Friday! So yay!!

Because it is 1am right now (which makes it officially Friday at the moment) and I am a little confused with how I should address time, hence I shall simplify matters by addressing Thursday as today and Friday as tomorrow.

Tonight, I went out with Rod for dinner. We went to the Nihon Mura near my school.

Koped this off Google because I forgot to take a photo of the exterior of the restaurant

I have been wanting to go there since I discovered it when I first walked to the MRT station from my school, by the back gate (the one nearer to the North canteen).

I know that Sakura is also located within the vicinity. My friends and I have been talking about going there since we were.. Year 1. And soon we will be Year 3s and hopefully we'll be able to find time to go there before we graduate!

I have been to one other Nihon Mura outlet before.. the one near Pioneer MRT station. That was 4 years ago.

I went with 2 other Secondary schoolmates, and tried their lunch buffet @ student price.

We ate a lot. Our receipt was damn long.

But we only paid $50.70 for 3 pax ($16.90 per pax, not inclusive of service charge 10% and GST 7%) because it was a buffet! Woohoo!! #ifonlysuchgooddealsstillexist #sigh

Anyway, back to talking about Nihon Mura @ YCK.

Here are some pics of the interior of the restaurant.

Next up, some pics of what we ate.

Beware k, the pics are rather grainy because of the lighting in the restaurant. Also, I didn't take photos of all that we ordered because the food kept coming in and I got too obsessed with the food and forgot to snap pictures OOPS HAHA!

Our drinks: Special Green Tea & Hot Green Tea

The "Special Green Tea" has sesame added to it, so it has an extra sesame fragrance to it.

I personally don't like it because I find the taste to be weird, but I do agree that the sesame smell is quite nice even though it seemed a little strange at first. Rod thinks it is fine and likes it, he says that the green tea that is being served at Sakae is something like that too?

I haven't drunk Green Tea in ages and this is my first cup since like.. a damn long time. I usually go for warm water #damnhealthyiknow


Great appetiser to warm up your stomach for the good food that is soon to follow!

Hamachi Sashimi

The taste is good according to Rod. (I don't take raw food)

Soft Shell Crab

Super generous portion for $6.45!!!

While waiting for our dessert to arrive, I got bored and started taking panoramic shots of the interior of the restaurant using Rod's phone.
The place is bloody huge. This is the front of the restaurant.

And this is the back.

I took more shots of the restaurant when I was heading out to figure out which ice-cream to order (Yes OUT! I'll explain that in a minute).

Sushi bar

Freshly made from the counter behind!

And this is what I'm talking about. Walking OUT to make my order.

The Nihon Mura @ YCK has an interesting concept. Instead of passing you menus, and taking down your order.. What you do instead is that you walk out of the restaurant where these little containers filled with little wooden sticks are lined up around the outskirts of the restaurant.

If you want for example, Tempura Ramen, you look for the container labelled "Tempura Ramen" and pick out one of the sticks and place it in the basket provided for you.

After you finishing picking out all the sticks/dishes you want, just pop back into the restaurant and hand the basket over to the staff at the Order Checkpoint (right beside the cashier) who will then place your order!

It sounds like a tedious process but it is actually quite fun and because the staff has one less thing on their mind, they can focus on more providing you with a good service! Speaking of which, I have to compliment them on their service! EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!

They are one of the few restaurants who have such excellent service and it isn't just one of the waiter/waitress but rather it is the whole team! That is a rare sight! Everyone who worked there is so cheerful and happy to serve! It made my delightful meal even better!

The ice-cream that (Rod chose) I ordered.

Damn funny name. Ninja ice-cream HAHAHA!!!!

Oh and, I learnt one new thing today! Goma means "black sesame".

So yes, I had green tea, black sesame, vanilla ice-cream.

Pic of actual food

Looks good right???

Honestly, the goma ice-cream sucked!!!! LOL!

It was like really really really bad. Rod and I hardly touched it after we each tried a small bit of it. The taste was just too fake and too strong. I guess it's not our scoop of ice-cream?

Ok lah. I think that's all for tonight. Just wanted to share some stuff before I konk out.

Have a good weekend people!!!

Soph <3

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