It's Saint Valentine's Day!

At what age did the meaning of Valentine's Day strike you?

By the "meaning of Valentine's Day", I'm referring to flowers, chocolates and lots of (uncalled for?) confessions! Y'know that sorta stuff!

The day where by the price of roses surge like crazy, candy wrappers are littered everywhere, hearts are overdrawn and the colour red is overused.

What exactly happened that resulted in you understanding that meaning?


For me.. It all started when I was 14.

FYI I wasn't the one getting the roses, the chocolates, the gifts, the card (with an overdrawn amount of hearts) and lastly, the boy.

Anyway this story has 2 parts to it and contains 4 characters:

A - my best guy friend in Secondary School
B - my best girl friend in Secondary School
C - my first boyfriend whom I got together with when I was 15
D - ME! (I don't know why I gave myself a character name 'D' when I can bloody well just use "me" #gettingtoointocharacter)

I met A when I was 13. We were awesome buddies man! I termed as "kor kor" (meaning: elder brother) since I have always wanted an elder brother and he was just nice 26 days older than me. We shared every secret that we had with each other. We were super tight. We were super close. He was my BEST text buddy ever!!!

We already had our own mobile phones then, however when one of our mobile phones got spoilt, we didn't stop texting just because of that. It was like.. a need for us to communicate with one another. We knew each other's house phone number and wouldn't hesitate to call to look for each other. We could talk for hours on end. I wouldn't deny that it is awkward when either one of our parents/sibling picked up the phone instead of us.

Because we were so tight, it was inevitable that our social circle would intersect. I got to know his buddies, he got to know my girls. And I'm sure you can pretty much guess what's gonna happen next.. he had a crush for my best girl friend, B.

Honestly when he first admitted to me (I was 14 by then), I was like...

Well basically because I had been trying to taunt him into liking B for over a year and he was completely unresponsive and emotionless like this...

B was smart, pretty and very well-received amongst our peers! She had quite a number of suitors by then but she always gave me this face when I tried to talk persuade her into accepting one of the guys...

LOLOL she makes those guys seem so repulsive and disgusting (*coughs* some of them really are...) #thinkiheardaheartshatter #oops

But!!! Some of them are indeed decent guys with their own charm in their own particular way! #sayingthistosavemyassandnotgetbombarded

Anyway back to my story, he admitted, I was shocked and he gave the excuse that it was because I kept on talking about her, praising her, "tempting" him with her... *rolls eyes* like that then like lah, so much reason!

I managed to matchmake the two of them together and I was rather pleased with myself initially. I was like a red-breasted robin - pushing my breast into the sky, full of pride!

The first time I saw the two of them holding hands.. I was like...

I know, epic drama. Cannot help it lah. Still young then!

Anyway because they got together at the start of the year, so.. they had the opportunity to experience Valentine's Day together!

If I didn't recall wrongly, he gave her
  1. A Gundam necklace
  2. A necklace chain (Bought from elsewhere because he said that the necklace chain that came with the gundam necklace pendant was too ugly, but actually this other necklace chain that he bought was even uglier. It was 2mm in diameter and looked very much like a cable cord and not a necklace chain!!)
  3. A giant pack of toblerones, the huge one with 6 regular-sized toblerones in it!
  4. A drawing from him (He is a fantastic manga artist!)

So yeah, that was how I understood what Valentine's Day really is.

Before then, Valentine's Day was just another day to me. It had no significant meaning, other than the random times when I was a kid and was told by my teacher that Valentine's Day is a day of love and thus I drew a card full of hearts for my mommy.

As for my first experience of Valentine's Day (ie. I'm the one getting the presents and stuff).. It was when I was 15.

Honestly I was anticipating that day a lot, after all it was my first relationship and my first chance at experiencing Valentine's Day. I was told by C that he would be getting me a present and...



So anyway I'll skip to the main gist which is what you are all DYING to know!

"What exactly did I get as my first Valentine's Day present???"

I swear you are all gonna laugh your heads off and get a tummy-ache. (Not that I am not grateful and appreciative for what C got me!!!!)

I got something that looked like this...

Okay mine wasn't so pretty (unfortunately).

Mine had fake flowers, 2 teddy bears that seemed like they have been trampled over several times, lots of crepe paper and basically they looked really really really corny... If you see any shop selling something looked like the picture above but looks a lot more cheena, yeah that's what I'm talking about.

The way that C passed me my present wasn't very romantic either. The bouquet looked like it was hastily chucked in a transparent plastic bag and when he came to school and saw me on the way to his class, he sorta threw the bag at me and said in a super understated tone...

"Na, your present."

I guess he was sorta shy and embarrassed? After all this was his first time getting a girl a Valentine's Day present. (Why am I finding excuses for him?!?!?!!)

So yes, that was my first ever experience of Valentine's Day and I wished it was as romantic as it is in the movies, unfortunately.. IT ISN'T :(

Anyway I'm coming to an end for this post. I hope you had a good laugh reading this and..

Lots and lots of hearts (because it is Valentine's Day!),
Soph <3

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