Shameless me

Remember that I said in my last post that I would try taking pictures of my new hair colour the "next day"?

Well.. because of what I said, I did make an effort to take photos of myself when I went out the next day. And my "effort" became kind of a shameless obsession?

It all started in Hoshigaoka. While waiting for the food to arrive, I decided to have some fun photobooth-ing with my MacAir (I lugged it along for Rod to charge his phone when I met him to have lunch at the mall nearby my place).

It all started with one innocent photo...

Which slowly translated into a number of photos...

Like what else can you expect from a girl with a front-facing camera?

Because the lights were dim, my MacAir would flash a white screen (to act as flash) before capturing my picture and honestly, it was quite AA ("attract attention") HAHAHA!

Rod realised that the flash didn't just appear on the front. The "apple" logo at the cover of my laptop would FLASH as well with the front! AA x2? #oops #notfeelingguiltyatall

Waitress photobombed us.

So take another one! (duh?)

After taking this photo, I quitted the photobooth app because I wanted to work on my report (due the next day) and then Rod said, "What? You take so many pictures of yourself, then you only took 2 with me?!"

I rebutted, "Aiya! I'm feeling and looking pretty today so I take more photos of myself! Your girlfriend pretty not? Pretty right? Pretty that's why take more photos of me!" #supershameless

My shameless-ness didn't just stop there. As I was walking back home, I noticed that the sun was rather sunny, the breeze was very breezy... So I pulled out my phone to take selfies and I was trying to take my selfies sneakily because I didn't want the RP students who were walking pass me to the MRT station to realise that there is this vain girl who is dying to take photos of herself but doesn't want to attract attention about taking photos of herself. #socomplicatedomg

Hence, snap 1

Snap 2

Snap 3 (I think this one best shows the colour of my hair under daylight)

Snap 4 (Damn breezy! Damn shiok! Fly hair! FLY!!!)

Snap 5

Ok lah. It's super rare for me to be so self-obsessed or maybe I always am but you don't know!!! HAHAHA!

I think I'm a bit siao ding dong (meaning: "crazy")(for my audience from western countries) now due to the lack of sleep.

Goodnight folks.

Soph <3