Is this considered as being bimbotic?

Hi guys & girls!

I have a question, which requires your help in answering!

Is this....

Considered as bimbotic? LOL..

As mentioned in the earlier post, I'm flying off to Taiwan in... 11 more days! (Yippee!!)

And I am having an incredibly hard time planning out my outfits for my 9 days trip, simply because.. I CAN'T PACK MY WHOLE WARDROBE INTO MY LUGGAGE! *SOBS*

Therefore I have had to resort to creating a table on Word docs to plan out what I should wear/bring to Taiwan!

The temperature there is around.. 12-16 degrees celsius? The mom(S) (I swear that my sister got a whole lot naggier and more motherly ever since she got pregnant) insist that I lug along my black winter-wear jacket and that is taking up quite some weight already. I'm gonna be taking Tiger Airlines because.. we won the tickets.

Some time last year (2013), Tiger Airlines held this Facebook contest called "Friend Fly Free" for 13 days straight, and every day they gave out 13 pairs of tickets. All you have to do is comment on their daily post (timing unknown) and tell them:

"I wish (insert name of friend) can fly to (insert TigerAir destination) for free because (insert reason)."

My sister was already pregnant then and suffered terrible morning sickness, hence she was at home EVERYDAY and had ample time to wait before the laptops and win us the tickets! HAHA! (Thanks sister!)

Anyway back to what I was saying.. At the moment, I am allowed to carry 10kg of luggage for my trip TO Taiwan.. Therefore I am limited as to what I can bring there :( I wanna lug all my blazers there.. It would be so cool to wear them! So tempted to bring just one!



For those who do not read my Dayre (which I totally understand because it is so tedious to keep track of and read TWO blogs!), here is a quick summary of my past 2 weeks!

Just photos and some short captions k!

Want more details, go read my Dayre because I am too lazy and sleepy to retype every word! (SORRY!)

Went to The Canopy @ Aramsa (otherwise known as 'Canopy Garden Dining') to have all-day breakfast for lunch with Rod! Been wanting to do that for quite awhile already, finally managed to find time to go!! These are his Eggs Royale! (Poached eggs + smoked salmon + salad)

These are my Grilled Breakfast, which was SUPER AMAZING!!!!
BEST BREAKFAST SET EVER!!!!! I felt like I could fly up to the moon with every mouthful of bite! There were.. Scrambled eggs, toast, salad, grilled tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms (gosh, I miss these so much!!), hashbrown, bacon and chipolatas!!! My mouth is watering now...


OOTD that day!

It was Rod's birthday the next day so we celebrated it at Bugis+ as per his request!

Dinner at Ramen Champion!

Bought a new pair of peach pink wedges... the height of my wedges is increasing with each new pair that I purchase! This pair is about 3 1/2 to 4 inches high? I swear the shoe manufacturers are deliberately increasing it!! I hope I don't ever fall flat on my face because of my wedges...

Saw this really interesting quote(?) at Ireland Potatoes...
(FYI IMHO Ireland Potatoes has awesome service! As for the fries... I prefer Best Fries Forever over Ireland Potatoes! #justsaying)

The quote says...
Ireland's proverb says: There are 2 things in the world that can't be joked:

1) Marriage
2) Potatoes
The irony of that quote.... Lol

OOTD that night!


A sleepy Soph <3

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