Stupid module

This stupid mental health module is killing me.

  1. I have to worry about being barred from the exam because I was initially too lazy to submit my medical certificate (note to self: NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!) and hence I have 4 hours of lesson being unaccounted for.
  2. There are only 4 questions being tested in the exam, but there are 10 lectures (which technically shouldn't be a prob) however I feel so NOT confident and I keep having this feeling that the exam is going to be really really tough! I think I am killing myself by thinking that way, henceforth I shouldn't put my guard down but I should believe that the module is within my grasp! Yeah right... who am I deluding?
  3. There are only 10 bloody lectures but I feel like THERE IS SO MUCH TO COVER!!!!! Yes I am panicking, in case that isn't obvious enough.
  4. Why is it that I can read a book once and I can (without any extra effort) remember the lines from the book, and yet after putting so much effort into memorising my notes.. it is still an epic failure?!?! Where is the logic in this?
  5. I just wanna be in Taiwan now.. Please, let this be over soon :(

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