Getting the hang of this (I think)

The blistering sun shone its rays down upon her. Most would have grumbled about it, moaned about it, and even get frustrated about it; but not Ally. She loved the sun. When her world was cold and dark, it was the only thing that warmed her heart and gave light to her eyes.

Her mother had nagged her to grab an umbrella before she left the house, but Ally liked it just like that. A nice brief walk under the sun with the trees that lined the pavement shading her occasionally. She took a deep breath, and wished that the air was purely filled with oxygen rather than this mixture of oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. This city that she lived in, it gave her life but she can't deny that it's moving at a pace too fast for anyone to enjoy a single moment of the life that has been given them.

As she continued on with her stroll, her phone buzzed softly. She smiled, as a name crossed her mind. Cautiously she pulled out her phone, her smile grew wider. A breeze blew at her, she looked straight up and the flashbacks began playing in her mind...

"I would like a scoop of 'Cookies & Cream' please." Ally looked up from her menu.
"Cup or cone, sir?"
"Cup, please. Thank you."

He turned back from facing the waitress to facing her again, Ally blinked a couple of times before she ducked her head down and pretended to read the menu as she tried to hide the blush that was creeping into her cheeks. Her thoughts were screaming at her, "HE ORDERED COOKIES & CREAM!!!!!!". She tried to silence them but they fought hard, refusing to back down easily.

"What about you miss? What would you like?" Ally looked up at the waitress, and then at him. He stared straight at her. Both the waitress and him were waiting for her to place her order.
"Uh.. I'll have a chocolate fondue, for one? And for my ice-cream, I would like 'Cookies & Cream' and 'Rum & Raisin' please. Thank you." She closed her menu and gave it back to the waitress who quickly jotted down Ally's order and then made her way towards the kitchen.

Ally looked at him. "He ordered 'Cookies & Cream...."

Ally reached a T-junction that had no traffic light, and so she came to a stop. She turned behind towards her right to look for oncoming traffic that might be turning in, there was none. She looked towards her left for traffic that might be leaving, there was none. Hastily, she made her way across the road and gave a sigh of relief when both her feet landed on the safety zone at the other side of the road. Crossing roads... they always made hold her breath. What was she thinking about previously? Oh right... Him. A slight smile played on her face.

Ally laid in her bed, thinking about the songs that she had sang a few hours back. She was glad that her vocals were improving. Her teacher would be pleased. She was due to perform in a couple of weeks. Knowing the importance of that performance and the idea that she had planted into it, no matter whether it would work or not, she can't afford to screw it up. Out of the blue, a part of a song cane into her mind...

"我爱你 你是我的茱丽叶
幸福的每一天 浪漫的每一夜
把爱 永远 不放开

我爱你 你是我的罗蜜欧
幸福的每一天 浪漫的每一夜
美丽的爱情祝福著未来 ..."

That perfect harmony of two voices.. It was something that she had only seen others do, heard others sang. She had never experienced it before and wow, it was great. The tones and the pitches.. It was going through her mind again and again, blowing her away with each round that it made.

In the darkness of her room, she knew she was feeling happy as she felt that the sides of her lips were turned upwards.

Ally was reaching her destination soon. Deep inside her, she dreaded it a little. One and a half hour with that little wretch... It's barely bearable, and who knows what the kid would be up to today? She gave a small sigh. Putting on her best front and her best foot forward, she thought of the money that she'll be getting.

"Fighting!" she told herself.

Her phone buzzed softly again. And besides, what's there to be afraid of today? She had him with her. Her silly albino cookie monster.

She chuckled softly, saw that there was someone sitting on a bench infront of her, shook her head quickly and slightly, biting her tongue at the same time, as she tried to shake the laughter bug out of her system. She walked swiftly towards the lift, gave a silent prayer of thanks as it was already waiting for her on the ground floor. She went inside the lift and thus was hidden from the view of the stranger, she let go of her tongue. While the lift doors were closing, she knew that her attempt in pushing him out of her mind had failed as she could not resist grinning...

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