I am just done with typing a lengthy text to Serf and you just went to bed. Before tonight, you've been sleeping way past your bedtime (without my knowing) just to stay up with me and nag me to go to bed early. I think you've been the only guy who has ever been so extremely concerned about my bedtime.

It's ironical about how we said that we wouldn't Skype nor talk on the phone tonight as we didn't want to form the habit of having to chat every single night. However, as the hour hand creeped to 10 tonight, signalling the end of my tuition session with Jonathan, the feeling of longing surged all of a sudden and so as I proceeded on my way back home, I dug out my phone and tapped your name on my speed-dial. As like always, you rejected my call and I would wait for about a minute or two and your name would surface on the screen of my phone again and the tune of our song would be weaving its way through my ear canal, as you called me using your house phone.

We talked about everything and then again we talked about nothing. We sang songs together and cracked lame jokes. You listened as I rapped on about my thoughts and then you would laugh and comment that I'm thinking way too much, why do I always think so much and how do I even think so much. Although you aren't fond and don't quite approve of my deep thoughts, you have always been patient and attentive. Occasionally I would ask if it's okay for me to voice my thoughts even though I already knew your answer. Somehow with you, I made the habit to never assume, never expect, never take anything for granted. I make it a point to verbally make things clear. This is something that I have never done before and frankly, it wasn't as bad as I once thought it was. I guess people's opinion on minor and major things do change after all over the years.

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