Finding comfort within loneliness

Ally walked aimlessly around the shopping mall, with her earphones stuck in her ears, blasting her own songs. She had confidence in her disguise — no one would recognise her. When was the last time that she had experienced such freedom? Then again, why does this "freedom" feel so different now? Is this freedom or loneliness? She couldn't tell the difference between the two.

She walked past several retail outlets, walked into a couple of them but came out still with empty hands. Was it that she had lost her hobby of shopping, or that she just isn't in the mood to shop? Is there even such a thing as a 'shopping' mood? She couldn't figure out the answer. She continued walking. Then she remembered, there is an ice-cream parlor here... Ice-cream, the only other thing than music that would ease her soul. Slowly, she made her way towards it.

She reached the parlor, asked for a seat for one, walked in and went towards a silent corner of the cafe. She stared at the menu and placed an order for a Steak and Mushroom pie and an English Breakfast Tea. As she sat there waiting for her order to arrive, she wondered... Whatever happened to my initial decision to have ice-cream? She chuckled silently at her fickle mind. A waiter interrupted her thoughts.

"Excuse me Miss, but we've ran out of Steak and Mushroom Pie. Would the Classic Chicken do?"

She hesitated for awhile and then nodded her head. All she wanted was some quiet time alone. She wanted to cherish every minute of this while it still lasted. She didn't want to remember how everything will come to an end when it was time for her to revert back to her actual life.. of what laid ahead waiting for her. Yes, it is glorious but tiring as well. Nonetheless, it was a path that she had chosen herself. One which she will never regret.

Once again, the waiter interrupted her thoughts as she placed Ally's order on the circular table infront of her. The waiter gave Ally a slight smile before making her way back to the kitchen counter.

Ally ran her hands through the packets of sugar arranged in a delicate straw-weaved basket placed before her, reached for a packet of brown sugar, tore one of its corners and watched as the golden crystals glistened before they disappeared beneath the pool of amber.

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