Sky High

“I don't need labels and I don't really care about them. All I want from you is to dote on me forever, ok? Can you do that?”

Ally couldn't tell if he knew how grateful she was to him for doting on her so much. His little actions touched her heart greater than any words that could be spoken/written. Her heart would take a tiny leap each time he doted on her. No one had ever doted on her before, for their pride was too great and too important than her. He, on the other hand, looked upon her as though she was his prized possession. In return, she regarded him in the same way too.

"So what do you wanna do next? Go somewhere else or play another game of bowling?" Her sister asked.
"Hmmm.. Another game of bowling."
"Do you wanna ask him for his opinion?"

He had his arms wrapped around her. She could feel him breathing by his ears. Without even turning around to seek his opinion like how Ally's sister had suggested, she voiced her reply.

"No, it's okay. He'll agree to whatever I say. I can call the shots."

Her sister's beau and him chuckled at her reply, whereas her sister rolled her eyes. Ally wasn't being arrogant nor smug, she was confident — confident that his thoughts were the same as hers and that they were standing on the same line together now and will always be. With him, she had never felt inferior and neither had he ever done anything to show her that he has to be superior one. It warmed Ally's heart to know that there are still #11 guys from Mars still existing in this world, and she was grateful to have found one of them.


Ally laid in bed that night, extracting the memories that she had carefully stored in her mind... All his little actions that were filled to the brim with his doting for her.

After the game ended, she hadn't had to put back herself the bowling ball she had used, for she knew he would do it and he would definitely have not allowed her to do so herself.

She stood at one side, waiting for him as he changed out of his bowling shoes. In one of her hands, she held her own bowling shoes, ready to return them back. When he was done, he stood up then bent down again, reaching for the bowling shoes that she held in her hands, she handed them over to him without a struggle. She knew that it would have been pointless anyway. Besides, why should she when she enjoyed being pampered by him?

At Kim's Family Korean restaurant, he asked (out of the blue) from the waiter for a flask of warm water. She was sitting across him, and flashed him a puzzled look.

"It's for you. I don't want you drinking any cold water while you're still sick."

She gave a slight pout, not to show her displeasure but for entertainment sake. He took notice of something which she hadn't bother to even care about herself. Her heart gave another tiny leap. Throughout their meal, she would occasionally attempt to get some cold water just so as to get his attention and have him showering her with his care. When she saw him scrunching up his face or widening his eyes in disapproval when he saw her being disobedient, she felt her heart stir.

He cares, that's all she needs. He dotes on her, that's all she wants.

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