There is always a first time for everything

Strawberries. That was what Ally was hoping to smell like tonight. She had deliberately showered with her favourite strawberry shower gel and and sprayed on her favourite strawberry perfume. She wanted to smell like strawberries for him. She giggled at that notion.

Just then, the vibrations emitted by her phone caused a loud buzzing sound against her oak table. Her heart skipped a beat. She wasn't quite done yet. She started throwing her essentials into a bag, swiftly grabbed the bag off the floor of her room, and left her house hurriedly.

"I think he will be the one to help you kick your tardy habit." said her little guardian angel.
Ally thought just about the same thing. Ally on time? That would be an incredibly rare occurrence.

She stepped out of the elevator as it hit the ground floor, pulled out her earphones and the song "lucky" began streaming into her ears. A flashback crossed her mind — it was when they sang this song together. Seeing that there was no one around her at that moment, she relaxed a little and allowed the smile that she had been resisting to crawl into her face.

The clock on her phone showed "18:55".


Ally plopped into her bed the minute she got home and stared blankly at the white ceiling above her. She knew that there was something that she had to do but it could wait for another minute. All she wanted now was to pause for a moment and let all her emotions rip through her. She wanted that moment to last. Just for that minute. It was quiet. She saw the images that she had cautiously preserved earlier on, being played on the white ceiling which now served as the screen for a show that only she could see. The scenes of their first date danced before her eyes. In the darkness of her room, she smiled.

She heard the buzz of her phone in the distance and clambered out of her bed quickly, falling onto the floor and slid towards where her bag was. She dug around inside it for a couple of seconds, found her phone and looked at the screen. Her smile grew wider, the thought in her head had been confirmed. Ally tapped on her phone lightly at a fairly rapid speed, and as she hit "send", she could hear the buzzing of a phone from someone who was sitting in a cab at that moment, see him give a small sigh of relief and the smile that would creep upon his face.

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