There is this squeaky voice in my head

"Btw did you take your breakfast?"
"Umm.. No? >.<"
"Please go have your lunch later."
"Kk I will!"

Ally could feel her head swirling. There was too much joy going about for her to properly digest all of it. And there is that voice in her head, her make-believe mischievous little guardian angel taunting her.. "See see!!! I told you so!! He cares about you!!! Yay!!!!"

She couldn't help agreeing with her guardian angel. He does care. And care is something that she has always been the one giving and hardly ever receiving.

Ally looked out of the train window and stared dazily at the endless scene before her. He cares... She felt a warmth stir in her chest. She liked that warmth, and she could get use to it but she knows that she shouldn't, for it might cause her to become complacent. She wants to be appreciative for every time that he showers her with that mysterious joy-inducing thing. Just like how she says her thank-you(s) every night before she sleeps, and every day when she wakes up. And for the past few days, he has been on her gratitude list.

Wielding her powers that the universe has generously gifted to her, she looked up at the sky and knows that things are about to get a whole lot better and this time, it's gonna be permanent. She smiled.

Now.. About that lunch...

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