Of course okay la!

"Anyway, while I was walking back I was thinking.. It doesn't matter to know whether you know why you like me. I don't either. I guess we just do. Like is just feelings. So I take my words back; it's neither good nor bad, it's just okay. A positive okay. (:

But but.. It's important to know why we fall in love each other (that is when we eventually do)

I'm sorry for overreacting earlier on. I'm completely clueless as to how the whole thing works. Things that I know now is due to research and reading of reports, websites, books and articles done over the last 2 years and umm.. 3 months? 😁

I never knew any of this in the past. I don't even think anyone close to me really does either as the word 'love' is bantered around so easily in our modern era. I doubt anyone close to me even know the difference between "like" and "love". To most, it's just the same thing. In case you're wondering, I did a research on it. Yes I know, geeky me. I'm not sure how much of what I've researched is applicable but I guess it's better than trying to figure a way out in a fog without a single plan nor destination in mind.

The beginning of this with you is entirely new to me. I think of as like.. first-time lovers. Clueless but full of determination.

Alright this is getting extremely lengthy and my thoughts are in bits and pieces that I can't seem to extract out properly so I'm gonna stop her. And you lazy bumbum. How come from 10 mins run become take cab?! Tsk tsk!"

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