Farewell Lawnbowls

When people ask me, "What is your CCA?". I would often pause awhile before replying, "Umm.. Lawnbowls?"
(Note: I ended my sentence with a question mark and not a full-stop!) Perhaps it is because I knew the question which was bound to come next, or would never come at all because the other party was too shy to ask, "What is lawnbowls..?".

There is only one person I knew who did not asked me that question, and he knew about the sport. That person was kenny's dad. I could remember his answer when he heard that my CCA was lawnbowls, "Oh! That is a very English sport!" He sounded amazed that I took up lawnbowls. I was taken aback by his reaction and his answer. I had never imagined a person in the world to actually know about that sport! Furthermore, one who has never played it before but has heard of it before. Most people come to know about the sport after playing it. So yes, my surprise is understandable.

During my close to 2 years of lawnbowling, I made a few friends. One of them, became one of my best girlfriends ever, her name is Joey. I could share my most intimate thoughts with her, go shopping with her, do crazy stuff with her, dream about the impossible with her, gossip with her, bitch with her, go crazy with her, time with her is always awesome! Another thing which made me grow really close to her was her being there for me whenever I needed a friend to confide to, especially during that crucial period of time. She is definitely on my 'Sisters' list.

After 1 year of lawnbowling, the J1s came in. These 2 jokers were the first ones to enrol in the CCA. They were like me, they came into the CCA only for the brilliant resume. Reason why I called them jokers? Because since day 1, they fagging lied to me about their names. Aaron told me that his name was Darren and Darren told me that his name was Aaron. And I, foolishly believed them. It isn't my fault ya know! Aaron looks like a Darren and Darren has an Aaron face too. Even Coach couldn't tell them apart! And so, whenever Coach wanted to call one of them, he would call both of them together! "Aaron! Darren! Come here!!" It was always a hilarious sight to hear both their names being called at the same time. I learnt the truth only about half a year later? Yes, I know, I am a fool. Those 2 jokers had such a fun time seeing me make a mockery of myself. Even till now, even though I know both their names, I would still hesitate awhile and think whether I am calling the right person before I actually voice their names out loud.
I must say that I am really glad that these 2 jokers decided to join lawnbowls, because without them, my second year in lawnbowls would have been terribly boring. So yes, thank you jokers for joining lawnbowls, and I will forgive the two of you for having made a mockery out of me for about half a year. That includes all the cranky jokes about (seven-thirty) and (eight o'clock). -Grumbles-


As time passes, everything is coming to an end. The Prelims are nearing. Graduation night is 2 months away. A levels are just that wee bit further away.

It's been 5 months....

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