T36 for the win!

My days in CJ are coming to an end soon. I must admit, that at times, the class makes me so frustrated that I just wanna yank all my hair out of my head. Yet, at the same time, they bring me so much joy with the cranky jokes and crazy acts. I bet I'm gonna miss my days in CJ with class 1T36 '09 and class 2T36 '10. The 15th of October marks the day our affinity draws to a close. Till then, there is still some time left to make more memories.

T36, for the win!


Tomorrow is the day of my JYOF relay! I'm running a measley distance of a 100m, so I need to make good use of every centimetre and remember every bit of the run. I'm bringing my camera onboard the bus. Let's just hope that I'll be shameless enough to whip it out and snap pictures of everything in sight, and I'll actually remember that I have a camera in my pocket! I feeling a teeny weeny bit of excitement. I think the full rush will only arrive tomorrow when I'm around all the other torchbearers.

I need to go to bed early tonight so I won't have ugly eyebags in my pictures! Goodnight. Xoxo.

Postnote: That was the first time I actually spent some quality time with my junior class, and I must admit, they are awesome! Well, all T36-ies are basically awesome! No one can deny that fact.

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