(Post) Beach

Had a mini-picnic. He brought sushi and fattening cheesecake. I swear, he is trying to make me fat. First the icing on the cupcakes, and now the cheesecake. Roar!

I have never had sushi for picnic before, it was a nice surprise. Picnic always meant sandwiches to me, and I am never a lover of bread. So yes, my vote goes to sushi.

He bought strawberry cheesecake specially for me, because he says girls like pink. Dude, I like white. But I like milk chocolate, not white chocolate.

The most ironical thing is, the cheesecake has got no cake. It's all just cheese. Cheese, and more cheese, and more fattening cheese. Did I mention that he bought me 2 cups of this cheesecake? Ok, I just did. More cheese.

I have to admit though, the strawberry cheesecake was nice. Have yet to try the other one (chocolate) though - I brought it home and had it refrigerated - maybe I will tomorrow, provided if my sister doesn't realise that there is cheesecake in the fridge.

I love the sun. He was super scared of it though. He even brought whitener and sunblock of SPF50. I only smeared a light layer of sunblock SPF30 on my face before I left the house. And I thought girls were the ones who were supposed to be all paranoid of getting tanned and wanting to remain all pale and porcelain-skinned, whereas boys were all into getting tanned and golden. Ironical much. Complete opposites. Well, he is pretty tanned already and I am so pale, so I guess a little sunshine wouldn't harm me, however, he will turn into a bangala if he stays in the sun for another second (No, he didn't turn into bangala at the end of the day).

It felt nice taking some time out to spend with my buddy on the beach. We talked about almost everything, and I managed to get some issues off my chest. Also, the venue was the beach. It's been a long time since anyone bothered to pause and listen to me talk, without interrupting me and giving me the kind of irritated/annoyed/desperate-for-me-to-stop-talking feeling. As the sea breeze blew on me, I could feel it carrying all my troubles, frustrations and tears away with it as well. I felt alive.

This trip to the beach is definitely worth it, in every single sense. It wasn't such a bad thing, afterall.

P.S. You don't see any pictures of him because he didn't want it uploaded. Sorry!

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