Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010: Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame

Photos taken from here on are creditted to my fabulous cousin, Shaoning (:

My support runners aka 'bodyguards'.

Whole bunch of strangers rushing forward to take pictures with me.
This uncle kept coming forward to take pictures with me even though he took plenty lot already.

One of the bodyguards wanted to take a picture with me too!! If you think he is cute, I'm sorry to say that I (sadly) do not have his name. :(

Ning stopped taking pictures of me and the whole bunch of strangers who rushed forward to take pictures with me. Totally understandable because there were a hell lot of people! I was absolutely shocked to see the massive crowd.

Some of the bodyguards saw and tried to make a joke out of it. But, it kind of backfired on them.
'Wah! You are quite popular around this area huh!!'
'Erm.. I don't live in this area.'
'HUH? Then where do you live at??'
-Bodyguards turned and stared at one another with goldfish eyes-
-Me shrug my shoulders and turned back to the face crowd with a smile plastered on my face-

I could so get used to plastering a smile on my face. Nothing bad about it. Practise makes perfect. Get me more practices to work on.

And if only I could be equally hardworking and willing when it comes to my academics.

One of the coolest thing was that I got to lit my torch from the lantern! How awesome is that?!

Don't laugh. It was a protocol. I was told to wave before running.


When I heard the organizers saying how lucky I was and how this would truly be a once in a lifetime experience which I would never forget for the rest of my life (Except my big wedding day, of course!), I knew what they meant literally, but until the day itself, until I ran my lap of the relay, then did I truly apprehend the words they said..

Before the run, I felt like some mega-shot celebrity as many strangers jostled forward to take pictures with me and the torch! I was blinded by the flashes from the cameras (even though it was broad daylight and they didn't really need the extra light to get a good picture), and very much confused because I didn't know which camera to face!! Everyone wanted a snapshot of me! It was truly an angelina-jolie moment.

And I wondered... How on earth do those celebrities smile for hours. My cheeks ached from all the smiling. But still, the feeling was GREAT!!! It is not everyday that you get to feel like a superstar!

During the run, I felt a gentle breeze of wind blowing against my face, I heard the crowd cheering me on, I saw everyone's eyes set on me. I had all of their attention. The aunties were screaming 'jiayou!', and the uncles were leaning out of their vehicles shouting 'Run run run!!'. Everyone was so enthusiastic! I could feel their excitement along with mine. Well, minus the part that my supporters kept telling me to run faster. I didn't want to run faster! I wanted to enjoy every little bit of the precious moments. Afterall, I only had a mere couple of minutes with the torch and the oh-so-brilliant olympic flame. But, I still ran faster. I am such a good sport.

Before I knew it, I was done running 200m (Thank you 2111 for not turning up on that glorious day). Everything lasted for only a brief few minutes, everything ended so soon.. in a way. I made friends, I took pictures, I've got a certificate, a cool pin, and my torchbearer uniform to remind me of all that has happened. The memory will last forever, etched in my mind.

Like what my mother says, "When you are 70 years old, you will pull out the pictures, the certificate, the pin and the uniform, and tell your grandchildren... 'I was one of the lucky 2,400 torchbearers chosen to run the first Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame for the inaugural Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010.' "


I can't believe I stayed up to write this entry and I've got school tomorrow morning. Goodnight.

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